Off Topic: Down With The Sickness

A good chunk of the office are out with some sort of lurgy today. It's fallen on me to fly the Kotaku flag and try to stop everything from catching on fire in their absence.

What does it take for you to call in sick?

Here in Australia, too many people will soldier on through whatever is ailing them, spreading it to their colleagues and making everything worse.

Me? I'm working from home. If I'm not passing out on my keyboard then I'm probably okay to keep going. This year was particularly bad, every time I got over the flu I came down with another strain that kicked my ass in a different way.

How about you? Do you make proper use of your sick days or are you the sort to tough it out?


    I stay home when sick, or feel unwell - rest is best. If I do this I hasten my recovery and only need a day or two to feel right as rain.

    I despise the attitude to 'soldier-on' and come to the office sick.

    I only take time off when my kids are crook.
    Otherwise I use my sick days as personal days off - and before I get attacked for it I have hundreds and hundreds of hours of sick leave, so it's not like I'm taking a day off a week.
    I plan on taking off tomorrow actually, good weather and the kids are in kinder. Be a great day to get some stuff done around the house.

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    Just had most of a week off with the flu...spent my days in and out of bed...cycle of wanting to get out of bed and then feeling to exhausted to do anything but sleep.

    My boss has the attitude that if you're sick you stay home rather than infecting everyone else, especially him. Thanks to that it tends to be easier to say I'm sick and take the time off rather than feel obligated to soldier on.

    I've been quite attuned with my body these past couple of years so once I know I'm coming down with something I call in sick for at least a day then I work from home the rest of the week.

    public transport commute is usually between 2 to 2.5 hours so even if i can physically walk about of the house, I found usually I'm too tired by the time i get to work if I try to go to work straight after recovery

    If I'm sick I'll stay home. Usually get at least 2 of those colds a year that make you brain run at half capacity. I'll usually take 1 or 2 days off and veg in bed with Netflix and sleep.

    I'm fairly resilient when it comes to illness so it's always hard for me to tell how sick I am. That and I tend to have difficulty convincing myself I should stay home out of guilt that I may get better later in the day or even 10 minutes after I call in.

    Thankfully I really only ever get sick once or twice a year with a cold that usually incapacitates me for two days so it simplifies things. One of the benefits of always being sick as a kid I guess.

    I've gone between polar opposites. My last position at work, management would pull the "are you sure you're not well enough to come in?" schtick then wonder why I got sicker, needing longer time off and the rest of the team got sick. My current manager actively discourages you from coming in before your medical certificate expires, as he puts it "if you didn't need it, they wouldn't have extended it that far."

      This was my history as well. The job before my last, I was a workshop manager, and on the very rare occasion I'd call in sick (and I'd only do it when I was REALLY sick) , I'd get the third degree from upper management.
      My last job was totally the opposite. If I showed up for work with a sniffle or looked a little ill, I'd get sent home, and then wouldn't be allowed to return until doctors cert had expired.

    I work in a workplace where, if people call in sick, it makes work very difficult for myself and all my colleagues. I also work with a number of people who will call in sick if they sleep in, have a sniffle, or are too sleepy to come to work.
    As a result I tend to "soldier on" when I get sick, as there is no guarantee that my scumbag coworkers are going to turn up to work and will inevitably put a huge amount of undue stress on my manager and other coworkers (manager is a bit soft on firing people).
    If I am well enough to perform my duties I will rock up to work. A bit of hand sanitiser and some basic hygiene avoid making others sick.

    Having a stroke stopped me going into work pretty solidly, although it happened at work.

    If I'm sick I'll usually work from home unless it's something that affects me to the point that I really can't do anything productively.

    When I was a full time employee... I'd have to be to sick to walk to the doctors 10 doors down before I'd take a sick day, now I'm casual... I turn up every day regardless

    Here are my golden rules regarding the great Aussie sickie:

    1. If you genuinely feel sick - go see your Doctor. Call work, let them know. Get better (fingers crossed).
    2. If you feel kinda sick, but reckon you can stay the distance AND not spread whatever it is you have AND won't do more harm than good (workwise) - go into work. Otherwise, rule 1 applies (see your Doctor, don't go to work).
    3. Go to work.

    I manage small teams of software engineers and the above rules have seen myself and my team mates well.

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