Claymore35 and Gemini both got their first: it was the compass from Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. I was thinking of MOHAA because Call of Duty is coming out, and Infinity Ward (makers of the originals) cut their teeth with that Normandy landing scene.

But it's a new day, and a new game.

Good luck!


    Tenchu for the ps1.

    A classic nostalgic indie gem that you probably didn't play because you weren't cool in the 90's

      Gonna agree with @troutslap.
      Tenchu was the first game my brother and I tried to speedrun. Damn, that was a fine game.
      Also grats to @gemini for yesterday - another fine game back in the day.

      I'm a huge Tenchu fan but all I remember from the first one is the line "Lord Gohda expect much of you."

      If there's one series I'd love to have a HD remake of it would be this one. Too bad FromSoftware is too busy with Soulsbornes.

    I've never played this guessing game before, but I reckon its Tenchu Stealth Assassins? The caltrops were handy little things.

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    Tenchu - Caltrops

    The back yard of a rural NSW town, you can't always see the creatures because they have stealth but when they bite, you know about it... The game

    The one time it is something I know, I miss it! Ugh


    Yeah that's so Tenchu.

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