The More We Learn About Mario As A Character, The More He Sucks

2017 has changed Mario for me, and not just because he might be mind-controlling poor Goombas. Nintendo has told me too much about Mario, and now I can't look at him the same way again.

In the latest episode of the Favecast, Gita Jackson and I discuss how factoids like 'Mario is no longer a plumber' and 'Mario punches Yoshi,' among other things, have fleshed out gaming's biggest icon a little too much.

Nowadays, Bowser is actually the one who seems endearing and cool, for reasons we explain in the podcast below. For those of you short on time, this silly Mario conversation starts around the 12:35 mark.

Get the MP3 right here.

We also talk about the most memorable orc in Shadow of War at the start of the show, discuss what you should do when playing a competitive game against a friend who is way better than you (28:40), and finally, if you can ever be too old for fandom/the hobbies we take up as adults that are fandoms even if people don't talk about them that way (36:03).

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    You know Kotaku I think you should stop telling us about why Mario is no longer or why Mario is punching Yoshi. I said several weeks earlier that Mario would not do a thing like that to Yoshi he was actually pointing his finger allowing Yoshi to grab something with his long red tongue. I also don't want to hear anymore about why Mario is no longer a plumber as Nintendo stated months earlier. Kotaku it's time to lift your game and move on to something else and that is getting excited for Super Mario Odyssey coming out on October 27 for Christ's sake!

      THANK YOU.

      I'm glad that at least one person here is rational.

    You're only realising Mario is a bad person now after decades of violence and genocide against Goombas, Koopas and Yoshis, stealing all the cash he can carry, destruction of property, substance abuse, brandishing fireballs in public spaces and numerous counts of attempted and successful regicide? (Bowser Koopa is a King after all)

    All Bowser ever does is kidnap Princess Peach.

      Maybe peach just wants a slice of the high life with a flashy warlord and enjoys the occasional opulent fling before returning to her working class but stable beau. Can you blame the gal?

    Bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy. Kill kill kill kill kill.

    Last edited 14/10/17 8:29 pm

    All this was foreshadowed on Robot Chicken.

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