This Is Either The Best Or Worst Thing In Shadow Of War

Forget the nemesis system, loot boxes, or the well of charisma that is Talion of Middle-Earth, the element of the new Shadow of War game that I'm currently most torn on is its ancient poetry mini-game.

In the midst of this game full of bloody orc combat, in between moments of interrogating and decapitating your enemies, you can find words of ancient text and then take those words to regional temples where you may then fill in the blanks.

This is no card game in the middle of a sprawling Star Wars adventure. It's no fishing diversion plopped into a Zelda. This is a poetry game in the middle of an otherwise perpetually violent Lord of the Rings epic. It's optional, it's odd, it's… great that they did this? Ridiculous?

Filling out this poem got me an awesome purple-class legendary item, so do factor that in. That's the proper reward for poetry scribes such as Talion and I here.


    I am going with Shelob being a woman as the worst. Everything else I can overlook.

      Shelob has always been a women. Just not a human one. :P

      "Her Ladyship"
      "Gender: Female"

        yeah I have kinda read books a lot, I know she is female but she was not a hot 'humanoid' female for gamers to lust over and gamer developers to fail to realise how overplayed that whole thing is in fantasy these days

    I'm finding this very interesting. To what depth did they go?

    Are they sonnets? Do they use Petrarch's style or Shakespearian style if so?

    Did they structure them using standard figurative language?

    Do they use Iambic pentameter if so, or are they Dactylic?

    Ugh the English teacher side of me just got a literary hardon...

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