We Played Shadow of War With Bajo, Who Dressed In An Orc Suit

Image: http://www.stevenodonnell.com

We're doing a 3 hour stream of Middle earth: Shadow Of War with Bajo tonight — and giving away 10 copies of the game!

Update: The stream's finished for the night, but you can check out all the hijinks with Tegan and Bajo below.

Oh, and one small thing: Bajo danced to Darude at the end.


    Really pushing this game hey. Hope they paid lots.

      There's only been five articles in the last month; only two today on launch day and one yesterday. Where are you getting the impression it's being pushed?

        Ahhh yeah fair point. Orc Bajo i guess?

          I feel like Bajo probably dresses like an orc in the privacy of his home even without a LOTR game being released.

            I'm my defence your honour, the site is now plastered with Shadow of War ads.

              Ha. I haven't noticed thankfully, I've had ads blocked for a long time here. They got too intrusive.

                If there's something particularly egregious, let us know, and then we can alert the right people and look into it. We're pretty responsive.

                  I appreciate that you guys need to make money and adblocking hinders that. The thing that tipped me over the edge was the autoplay video ads you ran a few months ago. To be honest, I'm also not a fan of giant ads that sit in the page background, but I'd rather them than anything animated or video.

                  Side note though, I'd rather donate a few dollars every few months than have ads, if that were ever an option. I'm happy to contribute to the Australian team, you guys have a higher standard of quality.

                  Like @zombiejesus, I'm more than happy to pay a reasonable price to have the ads go away.

                  In the past, the amount of ads on the site was OK but has long since gone miles past what is acceptable.

    He's dressing up because he's getting paid.

    Can't knock it I guess!

      Old mate Bajo is just diversifying I guess, dude needs a way to pay rent after they inevitably axe GG Spawn Point in a couple of months and Twitch can be fickle.

    Shouldn't that be AEDT due to daylight savings? So WA or AWST would be 3hours behind the Daylight savings Eastern States.

    I mean, unless you're going to go live at 7pm Queensland time

    Last edited 10/10/17 7:12 pm

    If it's a "do your best Gollum impersonation" that would be... precious.

    So can't watch without Facebook?

      You should have no troubles! The Twitch embed is in the post.

    Darn, you guys are doing this on league bowling night! Good luck to the would be winners!
    Actually I suppose the would be winners don't need any luck...

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