We Played Shadow of War With Bajo, Who Dressed In An Orc Suit

We Played Shadow of War With Bajo, Who Dressed In An Orc Suit
Image: http://www.stevenodonnell.com

We’re doing a 3 hour stream of Middle earth: Shadow Of War with Bajo tonight — and giving away 10 copies of the game!

Update: The stream’s finished for the night, but you can check out all the hijinks with Tegan and Bajo below.

Oh, and one small thing: Bajo danced to Darude at the end.


    • There’s only been five articles in the last month; only two today on launch day and one yesterday. Where are you getting the impression it’s being pushed?

        • I feel like Bajo probably dresses like an orc in the privacy of his home even without a LOTR game being released.

          • Ha. I haven’t noticed thankfully, I’ve had ads blocked for a long time here. They got too intrusive.

          • If there’s something particularly egregious, let us know, and then we can alert the right people and look into it. We’re pretty responsive.

          • I appreciate that you guys need to make money and adblocking hinders that. The thing that tipped me over the edge was the autoplay video ads you ran a few months ago. To be honest, I’m also not a fan of giant ads that sit in the page background, but I’d rather them than anything animated or video.

          • Side note though, I’d rather donate a few dollars every few months than have ads, if that were ever an option. I’m happy to contribute to the Australian team, you guys have a higher standard of quality.

          • Like @zombiejesus, I’m more than happy to pay a reasonable price to have the ads go away.

            In the past, the amount of ads on the site was OK but has long since gone miles past what is acceptable.

    • Old mate Bajo is just diversifying I guess, dude needs a way to pay rent after they inevitably axe GG Spawn Point in a couple of months and Twitch can be fickle.

  • Shouldn’t that be AEDT due to daylight savings? So WA or AWST would be 3hours behind the Daylight savings Eastern States.

    I mean, unless you’re going to go live at 7pm Queensland time

  • Darn, you guys are doing this on league bowling night! Good luck to the would be winners!
    Actually I suppose the would be winners don’t need any luck…

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