Coca-Cola Raspberry Puts Coke And Raspberry Together At Last

From the team that brought you Coke Plus Coffee No Sugar and Coke Plus Ginger comes an entirely new summer blockbuster: Coca-Cola Raspberry.

Launching in stores tomorrow, Coca-Cola Raspberry is exactly what it says on the can: Coca-Cola and Raspberry mixed together in a delightful hybrid fruit-soda.

Coke and Summer have been good friends for years. I can still see the ‘Open Happiness‘ ad in my head, the glistening condensation beading on the outside of a glass bottle filled with the brown-gold liquid. The teenagers levitating on a turbine and flying out of the top of a giant Coke bottle.

Coke and Summer are tight.

Now, Coke are releasing Coca-Cola Raspberry which Coca-Cola Australia spokeswoman Lisa Winn describes as “the quintessential summer flavour with a delicious splash of raspberry for something new.”

You can find it in stores from November 29.

Coke previously sold the Raspberry flavour in New Zealand for a limited time back in 2005 after noticing that people would often pour the Raspberry pre-mix into their Coke at self-serve vending machines around the country. I can’t say I haven’t done that a few times myself at the local Hungry Jacks and it is pretty delicious, so I’m keen on trying this and seeing how it stacks up.

What about the stats though? Coca-Cola Raspberry has 25% less sugar than Coke Classic. In a regular can of Coke there’s about 39g of sugar, so with Coca-Cola Raspberry you’re getting around 29g of sugar in your little red tin. The recommendation for adults falls somewhere between the range of 40g and 55g of sugar a day.

It seems that Coke won’t just stop at adding raspberry to their caramelly soft drink though, with Winn suggesting “Australians can expect more exclusive and limited edition flavours in the coming year as we work to create new, delicious combinations to match the diverse tastes of our customers.”

If you’re wondering where the simple days of Coke Classic went, then it’s worth remembering The Real Thing below

Stay tuned to Lifehacker as we will have a taste test of the new Coke flavour in the coming days!

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