JB's $300 Xbox One S Bundle Is Pretty Solid Too

Image: Gizmodo

The console bundle wars have truly begun.

Earlier this week I wrote about a solid Xbox One S offering from Big W, and that was a pretty good deal. A console, the new Call of Duty, Battlefield 1 and Forza Horizon 3? That's a great mix for the casual gamer in your life who likes shooting stuff.

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But Battlefield 1 doesn't have the player base it used to. And what if you want more open-world action? Then JB's got a $300 Xbox One S game that's a little more focused. There's not quite as much value, but you do still get Call of Duty: WW2, and a code for Assassin's Creed: Origins.

Image: JB Hi-Fi

The deal becomes available tomorrow, and lasts for a full week. $300 is a pretty solid offering, especially with two games that you could easily sink 50+ hours into, depending on how much you like COD multiplayer.

Either way, it's nice to see the retailers having it out with their console bundles.


    It's a shame we don't see the same sort of bundles for the PS4. I really wish the console war was closer so there might be an inclination for Sony to more competitively price their console.

      I got my PS4 Pro from JB for $540 with Horizon: Zero Dawn, Prey and Fallout 4 included. Much more expensive, but at that time that was about $160 worth of games.

      I'm happy to pay more for a PS4 because it actually has a good library.

        I play my Xbox every night and there's too many interesting games coming out every week to even try a fraction of them.

        Having said that, I'm waiting for a good deal on a PS4 Pro so I can finally play Horizon and Uncharted 4.

          I've got an Xbox and never touch it. I thought it for online with friends but every thing I want play play is on pc. Then again I was a don't boy but haven't got a 4 yet as well nothing I want to play. Though last of us 2 and red dead 2 would change my mind.

          I didn’t feel like Horizon was as good as I’d anticipated. Uncharted was awesome though, one of the best games I’ve played.

        I have been playing on the Xbox (since it is the best box), since the release of Halo: Combat Evolved. Most of my friends are and still playing on that family of console systems and Sony have had little to persuade me during the PlayStation 4 life cycle.

        As for the PlayStation 3 life cycle, that's a different story all together considering the likes of the Killzone series. Oh, how you have tempted me.

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