What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I've got one of those weekends where I'm home alone, by myself. Which is a perfect excuse to slog through some video games.

I'm about halfway through the Call of Duty WW2 campaign, which I'm looking forward to seeing the end of. I'm interested to see if it can ramp up a little bit; the first few levels feel like they're holding back somewhat, although Heather has said a bit about that already.

Beyond that, I'll probably play a little more first-person PUBG with friends and maybe a touch of Battlefront 2 multiplayer.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Probably going to try and knock out AssCreegypt so I can get to Mario, decide I hate that and then play something else I guess?

    Might unwind with some more .hack//G.U. Last Recode.

    Old game I know. But it's still entertaining to me.

    Up to the last mission in Dishonored: Witches of Brigmore DLC, which I hope to finish off tonight.

    Then I'll be starting a new game from my massive backlog, which I think will be Far Cry Primal. I started to get an itch to play this while my kids were watching Andy's Prehistoric Adventures on ABC Kids!

    I splurged on games the last few weeks and I have 2 days off work with very little to do.

    I'll be switching between Deus ex, the rare replay pack, DMC, torment tides of numenara, AC Origins, wwe 2k18 and a bit of destiny 2.
    I hope that will distract me from thinking about next week's roster.

    Pillars of Eternity on PS4 - barely scratched the surface!

    Mass Effect Andromeda. Maybe some Sing Star with the kids. Still going through Final Fantasy Tactics - The War of the Lions on PS Vita.

    The FFXV Multiplayer is out so i'll probably spend some time on that, and probably get my luminous engrams for this week for destiny.

    hand of fate 2

    Few rounds of overwatch, maby some quake arena

    Lego Marvel's Superheroes 2, Destiny, Wolfenstein 2 and WWE 2K18 (it became so much more fun when I realised I could create an entire no wrestling promotion).

    I'm going to be running a bunch of tests on my 3d printer, but while I wait for prints, I'll probably be playing Elex. Still so much to do yet!

    Borderlands 2 with friends and working on my Witch Doctor for the latest Diablo 3 season.

    I'm back into Battlefield 1 with the latest DLC.

    ..and the final bloodcurdling hours of Outlast II. Actually a longer game then I anticipated .

    Divinity Original Sin and Everybody's Golf, as usual.

    Not as much as usual, seeing as my folks are coming down to visit for a few days. Will likely fit in some Warframe, tho.

    Starfighter Assault in Battlefront II, it is just all kinds of fun. Then I really need to head back and start playing AC: origins again. It is just shamelessly relaxing.

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