What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I've got the glorious misery of buses replacing trains on my line this weekend, so I will not be going anywhere. And what do you do when you don't leave the house over the weekend? Well, besides cleaning, a lot of video games.

While I'll be spending some time with Call of Duty: WW2 over the weekend, I'll undoubtedly also be working my way through some of the last challenges in Through The Ages.

It's an incredibly good game - one of my games of the year, to be frank - but good God are some of the challenges nightmarish. At the moment I'm trying to knock off the challenge where you start 60 culture points behind, which is a huge deficit to come back from. It's doable, and I've gotten within two points of victory before, but God it's hard.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Horizon zero dawn: frozen wilds. If i manage to find some time.

    I've got the glorious misery of buses replacing trains on my line this weekend, so I will not be going anywhere.That's exactly the situation I face too. Lucky I will mostly be playing Borderlands 2 with friends and checking out the new Diablo 3 season this weekend.

    Oh man, I totally forgot about the challenges in TtA. I've played through about half of them and now they're getting fiendishly difficult. Beating an AI that starts with Winston Churchill is just cruel.

    Haven't really focused on clearing them out because the game destroys my phone battery. If I'm not sitting with my phone plugged in, I can't complete any of the harder challenges in one sitting. If I don't tackle it in one sitting, I forget what my plan is and flail wildly before failing spectacularly.

    Only one game lined up for me this weekend: Torchlight 2. A friend and I are going to roll new characters and see where it takes us. We were going to play Overcooked but it turns out that's local co-op only. That's not entirely viable with him in Brisbane and me in Canberra.

    More Fortnite: BR.
    Try to finish Outlast II ....it's in in the "genuinely disturbing" territory now in the horror gaming echelon.

    Recently stopped gaming as I have slowly learnt it bares me little benefit and I could better use my time more productively. I am also still young and under 30, I may do get back into it more into my 40s. But for now, I will make the most of my youth.

    Mostly meatspace stuff for me. And maybe pulling my finger out and finish putting my new(ish) PC together.

    Outside of that, theres nothing really on the shelf catching my eye so maybe a Wall of Shame game will get a run.

    Shadow of War. 92%. Chasing that true ending, but having a grand old time with the end game. May finally install the new Assassins Creed before the weekend is out. Maybe.

    Squad is having a free weekend so I'll be playing that.

    I'll finish of the COD WW2 campaign and then try finish of the Dishonored DLC.

    I may actually finish 2 games this weekend! (I'm historically terrible at finishing games.)

    Keep going with stardew valley on Switch. Should really finish BotW but can't stop watering plants....

    Having very recently picked up Diablo 3 full version cheap for the PS4 (completed the game years ago on PS3) I discovered the “seasons” game mode (yeah I know it’s now up to season 12, oh well!) and will give that a go. Forging ahead in Pillars of Eternity too.

      If it's any consolation, consoles have only had three seasons so far (well, this is the third), they just use the same count as PC.

      Last edited 10/11/17 3:47 pm

    Nioh on PC - got this ages ago for Ps4 but now its on pc with all the dlc I'm going to actually play it.

    I was planning to play Frozen Wilds this weekend, but due to a shitty cold I was home for a day this week and managed to smash it out. I'm one hunting grounds challenge from 100%, I think. Which is a shame, I was hoping to play it for longer. oh well.

    So instead, I'm getting in my time machine back to 2002 where I will be playing Kingdom Hearts because I am perpetually 12 apparently.

    Absolutely hooked (late to the party I know) on the Telltale series The Walking Dead. Not a fan of the TV show, but I blasted through season 1 last weekend and have knocked off the first three eps of season 2 during the week. So that.

    Also a bit of CoD:WW2 and Mario for variety.

    Also trying to stop myself making a totally unnecessary Xbox One X purchase. I simply do not need it. But it's there. But I do not need it. But it's there. But...

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