What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I'm on the verge of finishing another Warhammer 2 playthrough, and Christ it's been a long slog. So while the weekend is definitely for eating and meeting people who like to eat, I'll also be stabbing a lot of Skaven in the back.

As you can guess, I'm talking Total Warhammer 2. I've been enjoying slowly painting the map in my colour. I've also been playing with a fixed campaign and battle camera, and oh my god does that free up the game immensely.

Beyond that, I'm still working my way through all of the challenges in Through the Ages. And I'll - miserably - be dicking around with some SATA drives to try and get a RAID 0 setup going. Hopefully I haven't misplaced a ton of screws everywhere (which, knowing me, I probably have).

What are you playing this weekend?


    Grim Dawn. The new expansion dropped the other day, and I'm loving it!!

    Probably setting into some Stardew Valley on the Switch, I'm loving it so far. My wife is a season ahead of me a the moment and she doesn't really game a whole lot (She did get into BOTW pretty good though). Never been ahead of me before though.

    Also will jump into the Splatfest on Saturday afternoon if I have a chance. I think we have a bit of stuff on.

    I was dipping in and out of games on the mini snes, but then i found myself two hours deep into secret of mana. So now I'll have to finish that.

    My wife will be fighting me to play DKC. She got waaay into beating minecart madness last weekend, and then spent an hour on the next level too.

    And i keep playing BoI on the switch. I keep unlocking stuff, so i can't ever stop!

    Except to play steamworld dig 2, which is utterly fantastic too.

    I have too many games to clear out before odyssey drops. Chrono Trigger is already loaded onto the snes too now, and I've never played that game. I will correct this flaw in my experience.

    Day of Infamy has a Free Weekend on Steam so I'll be playing that.

    Friends and I will be playing some Borderlands 2 co-op. I'm also keen to give the Overwatch event a go and I may finally have a chance to check out my SNES mini.

      Sounds like a good time on all fronts :)

    I'm about 70% throughout Shadow of Mordor. It's basically god mode at this point, branding the entire nemesis board and trying to break the final challenges. Will hopefully wrap that up so I can start the sequel my dear mother bought me yesterday :3

    Hatsune Miku Project Diva Future Tone - enjoying the huge array of songs, many of which I've never encountered before. Screw those three-button notes though, I always panic and can't remember which buttons are mapped where.

    Madden 18 - finishing a flawless 2019 season with my Cowboys in connected franchise.

    Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions. Still going, starting to enjoy it a bit more, but the grind is real.

    Shadow of War most likely. Really wanted to play WWE 2K18 but not paying $140 for the privilege of playing it four days early.

      How's SOW?

        I'm enjoying the hell out it. It's SoM expanded and improved. And the lockbox controversy is completely overblown. I've yet to see a need to spend any currency on them (including in game currency) ... and you pick them up anyway if you play special challenges.

          Sounds splendid. Seems the reviewers may have pre-sharpened their pitchforks then. Will have to wrap up SOM fast ;)

    Now that I have finished Divinity OS 2 (what a fantastic game) I am digging into Evil Within 2. Cant wait.

    It's gonna be Shadow of War and Overwatch all weekend long! Already have a nemesis who has killed me 3 times, now he just taunts me haha.

    And I desperately want that new Zenyatta skin. Cthulhu is cool in any form.

    Stardew Valley on the Switch, this weekend and every weekend from here until the heat death of the universe.

    ...maybe some Iron Banner in Destiny 2 idk we'll see how we go.

    Maybe a bit of vermintide
    Might see if we can 100% The sexy brutale
    Then perhaps deciding what the next game to play is

    I just picked up The Evil Within 2, I enjoyed the first one, though it was a bit tedious and clunky. From what I've seen they've improved a lot in the sequel.

    What am I playing this weekend?

    Dark Souls 3, just like every weekend. Gankers beware!

    Picked up this free game on Steam called Doki Doki Literature Club. It looks like a simple happy visual novel which is something I really need after the last few weeks of work which has been non-stop and stressful. Looking forward to a relaxing weekend.

    More Destiny 2, more Minecraft. Stopped Sky Factory 3 when I discovered the cloche/mystical agriculture combo, that basically bypasses the need for any other form of resource generation/production lines. Moved on to a pack called Modern Skyblock - refreshingly not based on Ex Nihilo, and aside from the early game being a little bit of a grind, I'm quite enjoying figuring things out.

    If i have a chance I'll keep going with Disgaea 5 on Switch. Or possibly download Stardew Valley.

    Want to play total Warhammer but don't know if my six year old Alienware laptop can handle it? Unfortunately can't justify buying a new pc.

    ... Dark Souls 3: SL1 challenge run, no armour, no rolling

    Weighing up whether or not to buy Stardew Valley. Not sure I have room in my life to devote to it.

    Actually playing: Everybody's Golf, Hob, Destiny 2, Words With Friends and Sleeping 2: The Nanna-Nap Chronicles.

    Finally got around to Dishonored 2. Only a few missions in, it's really good, not too sure why I held off on touching it until now.

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