What Are You Playing This Long Weekend?

The long weekend is for relaxing, chilling and probably doing heinous things to your body. Which is appropriate considering where I'll be.

I'll be spending my time in Total Warhammer 2. We've got a review of that going up today, so keep your eye out for that, but spoilers: it's better than the original. Noticeably better. And the camera in battle mode isn't as much of a pain in the arse as previous Total War games, either.

Beyond that, I'll probably spend a ton of time between Golf Story and Through the Ages on Android. The latter is the latest game from the maker of Codenames, and it's basically Civilization: The Card Game. That's a bit reductive, but it's honestly very, very good.

What are you playing this long weekend?


    Fortnite battle royal,
    thats causing much controversy with everyone, Im hooked!

      I've watched about 3 hours of gameplay now and I think it's actually a really interesting version. People complain the basebuilding makes no sense with a shrinking safe zone, but the ability to build makeshift stairs and shelters on the fly has proven really useful in the matches I've watched. Destructible buildings is also great, gives another option to get entrenched people out of their holes.

      I hope it does well, it genuinely looks fun.

        get gun out or build a defensive wall.... split second decisions are life or death

    Destiny 2, Nioh's final DLC, some Divinity OS (the first, because i never got around to actually getting very far in it), and Heat Signature, which I'm finding pretty fun for the time being.

    I'll be picking up my Mini SNES tomorrow morning so will be spending some time playing on that.
    Also Divinity, Destiny and Cook, Serve, Delicious.
    Thank god for long weekend in ACT. Second one in a row. Woo!!

    More Destiny 2. But with 2 x grand finals and a big day of group 1 racing it won't be many hours.


    I put about 20 minutes into it this morning and love it. Can't wait to play more.

    Trails in the Sky, probably. Maybe some FF XIV. Possibly grab something off the pile I've been building up.

    I just picked up Ark the other weekend, I'm a little bit hooked on single player at the moment and treating it like a very pretty Minecraft with dinosaurs.

    Warhammer Total War 2, Killing floor 2. I also discovered Men of War Assault Squad 2 has a Warhammer 40k mod, so lots of mapmaking and sandboxing in that.

    Mostly it will be Rabi Ribi and then perhaps some Wonder Boy: Dragon's Trap or Sonic Mania while also trying to finish SMT IV. I am also playing through Borderlands with friends too at some point. I also want to have a binge playthrough of Doki Doki Literature Club because I want to experience it uninterrupted. So yeah, just a small weekend of gaming...

      thanx for the reminder of wonderboy... its a must for me... and sonic!

      what year is it?

    After being an Xbone player for years, I finally took the plunge and picked up a PS4 Pro yesterday.

    Horizon Zero Dawn all weekend

    With my newborn i can only play quick switch games between feeds and naps, tram rides so i bought Dragon ball xenoverse 2. Wanted to be a Namekian but they feel too slow for my button mashing sensibilities so I'm a Saiyan instead. Anyone know how to play xenoverse 1 on the switch???? Can't figure it out...

    Madden 18 Connected Franchise Mode. Got some young talent in my Cowboys roster, including Mitch Trubisky, Evan Engram, David Njoku, Tyreek Hill, Sterling Shepard, Jaylon Smith, Keanu Neal, Myles Garrett, Solomon Thomas as well as Zeke Elliott and Zack Martin. Basically I cornered the rookie market in the fantasy draft and am going to develop these guys into a multi-Superbowl winning powerhouse!

    Also playing Overcooked and Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions.

    I was going to play my Snes Mini, until an email today informed that I won't be getting it until Tuesday because of public holidays...

      I just received a text about 10 minutes ago telling me mine will be ready for collection tomorrow. That's a bugger for you. :(

    Tried playing lots of things this week and struggling to really get stuck into anything - I want to get stuck into something but I can't find what that something is/scratch the particular itch? Even RPG staples i'd normally love like Pillars & Divinity just aren't holding my attention right now which is weird.

    Will no doubt bash through a bit of PES and perhaps give the golf rpg on the switch a go because it looks pretty awesome.

    SNES Mini, Golf Story, Hob, Steamworld Dig 2, Destiny 2, and I might replay Tacoma to mop up achievements (having finished it yesterday).

    Divinity Original Sin 2. That Wrecker's Cave quest... this game never stops to amaze me :)

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