What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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As is customary, I received some games from my partner over the Christmas holidays. And I've been steadily playing one of them day after day, because it's surprisingly really good.

I've mentioned before - several times, actually - that I'm a bit of a fan of Warhammer 40,000 games. I never had the space, time or money for proper tabletop Warhammer, but it's a fascinating environment to explore in video games.

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada was a game that I'd put on my Steam Wish List earlier this year, and I'd actually forgotten about it until my partner gifted it to me on Christmas Day. And I'm quite glad: according to those who stuck with the game since the beta, the time has done the game a world of good.

In short, the game is a series of real-time space battles that play out a little like naval warfare. Your ships have various weapons on the front and sides, and it's your job to constantly manage their firing arcs, movement and abilities. Those battles are then overlaid as part of a larger, turn-based war where you're trying to manage multiple star systems, preventing incursions and planets falling to the Eldar, Chaos and Orks.

There's a bit of a learning curve, and save scumming is highly recommended. But it's a fun tactical exercise, maneuvering your ships

Otherwise, I won't be knocking a whole lot off over the next few days since I'll be planning and packing for CES in Las Vegas. I'll be covering the technology show for Kotaku (and partly Gizmodo, too) next week, so stay tuned for that.

What games are you playing this weekend?


    My Christmas plans are going surprisingly well!

    Finished Dark Souls III NG+ yesterday - one more run through to go to platinum, but it can wait a week or two.

    Then I started Quantum Break, which is so far shaping up as really enjoyable. So I'll be continuing that this weekend.

    I also bought Snakebird (which is good but horrible), Oxenfree, and a couple of others in the sale, and was gifted Hyper Light Drifter, so a couple of them will be getting a work out too.

    Also, there's finally cricket on today. Yay!

      I heart Quantum Break. So much greater than the sum of its parts.

        I really heart Alan Wake, so if it retains a similar mix of gameplay and story overall then I'll be happy.

    My partner got me Civilization VI (after me putting 600 or so hours into Civ V), so I'm trying to balance playing that with finishing off my Watch Dogs 2 playthrough. Oh, and also Pokémon Sun, playing through that as well. Even on holidays there isn't enough time to play everything I want :(.

    Thanks to the PSN sales, I have discovered my late GOTY winner:

    Borderlands 2.

    Seriously the most fun I've had since Witcher 3. Level 22, running side missions akimbo and loving life :-D

    Been playing Overwatch a bit too much and might need a break.
    Started Final Fantasy VI on my Retropie, but I want something a bit newer.
    Don't know whether to pick up Rise of the Tomb Raider and Bloodborne on PSN sale, or to venture out and buy some other games. Maybe Final Fantasy 15 or XCOM 2?


      That is a tough decision! I've sunk so many hours into Bloodborne and it's dlc, old hunters. It's fantastic! But Tomb raider is absolutely amazing! I'd wait til final fantasy isn't so new, then it'll be even cheaper!

      I'm leaning more towards Bloodborne for longevity. It's a 60/40 split between that and Tomb raider.

    Just finished the mass effect books, ordered the PC trilogy off Ozgameshop and managed to score the next 5 days off work so im going to see how far I get. Hopefully this will tide me over till my Vive comes in a few weeks

    7 Days to Die(PC). It's been on my radar for ages and i took the plunge last weekend when it hit $10.
    I haven't stopped playing it since, what an amazing game!
    Part Day Z, part Minecraft, part Fallout. The first red sky i had was quite a stressful experience(but fun). One week in and i think i have already logged 20 hours in this game.

    I just picked up Crusader Kings 2. If there is a God, may he have mercy on my soul lol

    I'll be playing my Xmas present Titanfall 2! Love the multiplayer on that game

    Also probably will be having a go of my son's Xmas present Super Mario Maker 3DS

    Dishonored 2 and Pokemon Sun when my gaming PC room gets too hot (no AC in there) :(

    Since I got a guitar for xmas, I bought Rocksmith in steam sale for under $10, and got my real tone cable yesterday, so I'm gonna be shredding on that for most of it I reckon! \m/

    Playing one of my presents, Uncharted 4. As well as Titanfall 2 and maybe Overwatch.

    Got a nice selection of tabletop games for Xmas...so I'll be playing Lords of Waterdeep, Betrayal, King of Tokyo and Star Realms with my wife and friends.

    Titanfall 2 isn't out of the question though

    I'll be continuing my Fallout 4 survival playthrough (currently level 53). It's interesting how little things like when you can save can make dangerous situations much more terrifying.

    Just picked up Mad Max and Darkest Dungeon in the psn sale. Really looking forward to a bit of both.

    I just got into...Destiny??? thanks to the gift of the Collection for Christmas. It actually *is* addictive!

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