What Are You Playing This Weekend?

You know, it's been ages since I've had the chance to play a game I've truly fallen in love with. As much as this year has seen a spate of 'AAA' releases, only Portal 2 has really provided me with an experience that got me excited. Thankfully a game was released this week that has me itching to get home and play some more!

That game is Child of Eden. I managed to snag a copy of this last night, and despite my arm being in complete agony, I blasted through some levels on Kinect last night.

I'm in love.

So I'd imagine I'll spend the majority of my gaming time playing and replaying Child of Eden.

But what are you guys playing this weekend?


    Duke Nukem Forever and Link's Awakening!

      Yeah Links Awakening!
      First time playing it through, so great. Except my battery went dead and took me back a couple levels when i turned in back on :( Right where you battle that STUPID GENIE!

    Probably some inFAMOUS.
    Jumped into it with the expectation of blazing through. Didn't realise how big it was.

      Oh yeah, I'll be playing that too.

      yea i thought the same... now i have to put in some serious game time so that i can go out and purchase infamous 2...

    Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition!

    I downloaded it last night, mucked about in Arcade mode for a little while. Oni and Evil Ryu are both different enough from Akuma for me to feel awkward playing them, but overpowered enough that I can spam my way to victory against the computer. The twins are weird, but I could get used to them.

    Also, Batman and maybe, just maybe, Demon's Souls.

    Duke Nukem, Dugeon Siege and Alice :)

    I'm looking squarely at my pile of shame!

    I've agreed with myself that I need to complete a game on the pile before I can pick anything new up.

    I'm looking at you Heavy Rain, Assasin's Creed, Fable II and Death Spank!

      Ah, such a noble thought, and one which I'm sure we've all had at some point. It's a good money saving measure, too.

      In a similar vein I'll be playing Dead Space, Freespace 2 and the Witcher 2 (because I couldn't bring myself not to buy it)

    Minecraft server with friends all weekend and may finish DNF possibly if i get around to it

    Dungeon Siege 3 co-op unless I win a copy...then I'll have to wait.

    I hope the comp get's drawn before I leave work, then I'll know whether I have to buy it or not.

    Feels like I'm always posting 'something something" co-op on here, my mates must be getting sick of all the bro-op demands.

      'Bro-op'. I like that. Has a ring to it.
      Co-op action is the best, though, right?

      I'll be playing Hunted: Demon's Forge tonight - two Xboxes (sp?), two TVs and hopefully a hell of a lot of fun.

        Yep, most def. Most of my favourite gaming memories are bro-op related.

        *Nostalgia-gasm alert!* User made co-op missions in Operation Flashpoint, making sure all of my friends playable classes were just right, all shitting ourselves when we hear the squeaky rumble of a T-80 tank. The best of times.

    I want to finish Starcraft 2.
    The game kept crashing at this on point and i still haven't learned my lesson to save. So hopefully i can get through that mission no hassles and then finally read up on the new expansion.

    ..and TF2.

    and SMASH BROS! doing it.

      which version of Smash bros? N64 version will always be king in my books

    Trying to convince myself not to buy PC components yet. Will be a battle all weekend.

    Probably just old staples on the whole. Some BFBC2, finish the Portal 2 coop, some Frozen Synapse. Really should dig into that pile of shame..

      You playing BFBC2 on PC or console? What servers are you playing on mate - I love that game and I will prolly play a fair bit this weekend (on PC ofc)

    inFamous 2. Holy crap I'm enjoying this game.

    I don't know what I'll be playing. As I've mentioned before I'm slowly working my way through Kotor in preperation for TOR but I'm in no rush to finish it.

    Maybe I'll play some Playstation. Haven't even turned it on since the network went down and I think it needs some love.

    I need to finish inFamous 2 using evil karma, so much more fun than good karma.

    DNF and Darksiders. Got the latter really cheap in a sale and it is pretty fun, if not a bit mindless. I also got Brink this week on PC, but so far it just is not doing anything for me, I have to give it another good go and see if I can get into it. iRacing also takes aup a bit of time, and causes a few grey hairs.

      Darksiders! I picked it up at JB last week for cheap and been loving it too. The more you play the better it gets, starts a little weakly I think but as you start getting more items and combinations of abilities it gets much better. Hmm, might play a bit of that this weekend too, havn't finished it...

        I've gotten lost in Darksiders.
        It's been so long since I played that every time I get back into it I forget what I'm doing.

          Yeah, and when you hold 'select' for assistance Mark Hamill doesn't tell you shit.

    Picked up Alice yesterday. Played for about 2 hours so far but I just can't get into it. Will stick with it though.
    Aside from that, probably WoW and some Infamous 2.

    Me liking LA Noire, plenty of oddness about it but am enjoying it anyway!

      I'm going to try to finish it this weekend. Only just reached disc 3 so I might be overreaching here.

      Plus 3DS eShop stuff and MtG as per usual... though maybe I'll but the 2012 version that came out this week!

    More achievement hunting on New Veags.
    All achievements on this game will be mine, oh yes, they will be mine!

    I'll also be playing Child of Eden.
    What an amazing game and the better with Kinect splayed across the box was an actual true statement for once!
    I'll also be playing more Alice: Madness Returns, managed to get a few hours of that in last night too. Enjoying it so far, though a bit repetitive.

    Playing White Knight Chronicles 2 and Muv Luv Alternative non stop!

      What's WKC 2 like?
      I think I got bored about halfway through the first one and stopped playing. If the second one's worthy I'll have to go back and finish the first.

        Well I got bored of the first one as well due to the battle system being slow. But playing the remastered WKC1 now i'm not getting bored at all, they have sped up the combat.

    Going to try to finish LA Noire. I hereby vow to get all hidden vehicles.

    Other than that, Dreamweb. Maybe a little Mortal Kombat.

      I am the same on this one. I have found 75-80 withought walkthroughs yet.. pretty happy with that.

    I'll be playing the "let's finish writing my masters dissertation" game. *sigh* If I work hard I might get it done early though... If so I'll be probably playing some LA Noire with the gf or trying to get some Ms. Splosion Man beta games online before they take it away.

    Infamous on the PS3 and Test Drive Unlimited 2 on the PC.

    Test drive is actually fun when you treat it as a 'drive pretty cars really fast' game.

    Think I might nearly be finished with Ghost Recon on 3DS. Was playing through what I think must be the second last mission last night, only to get red battery right when I thought it was over. Then flashy red battery while I was waiting for the other team to hurry up and make all their god damn moves already so I can save this thing before it shuts down completely. Note: my charger was left out in the lounge room and I didn't want to get up out of my nice warm bed :P

    Not so sure I should have done that, and maybe just left it on sleep mode and hoped it stayed on til I got up. Nothing worse than saving yourself into a corner you can't crawl out of, but I'm reeeeeeeeelatively sure I haven't screwed up too bad.

    On the console front, I've been hitting up Muramasa on Wii. Golly gosh it looks so pretty @[email protected]

    I'm enjoying an experience I missed out on in the early days: Crashing cars senselessly in Burnout Paradise.

    Hurry up and get the PS3 version of Child of Eden out, Ubisoft! I have money for you!

    Picked up Dead Space 2 special edition in the EB sale yesterday, so I'll probably have a go at that at some point. Plus hopefully squeeze in a bit of BC2 and GT5.

    I'll be playing Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, Marvel vs Capcom 3, and Ridge Racer Type 4.
    Gotta get my drift on. :D

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