What Do You Usually Do For The Melbourne Cup?

Today's the day that most offices and schools Stop Doing Stuff for a few minutes. Which, depending on your perspective, could be quite useful.

Personally, I've generally tried to avoid the Melbourne Cup in my later years. It's more of a family matter: my grandparents enjoyed the horses quite a bit, my grandmother in particular, and Melbourne Cup always brings back memories with them, the good and the bad.

So for me, I enjoy the aspect of offices taking a break, even if it's only for a small moment.

The break from the day to day office routine can be really rewarding though, even if it's only an opportunity to catch up with colleagues you don't get to talk to often. A lot of places will have an inter-office BBQ; it's hard to pass up even a badly grilled sausage sanga.

What about yourselves - what do you usually do on Melbourne Cup day? Does your office take time out for it? Do you watch the race itself, have a bet, take part in some sweepstakes? Or do you avoid the event altogether?


    Avoid all together! I don't have too many clients hassling me so I generally do some marketing research for new business (in the morning) and this afternoon I shall be travelling to ancient Egypt and take some photos, in between some much-needed assassin duties! ;)

    Not at all interested in the GGs, but I love it when 90% of the office buggers off to the boardroom at 2.45 and gives the rest of us an hour of peace.

    I refuse to participate in anything Melbourne Cup related. I hate both horse racing and gambling.

    I avoid it as much as possible. Usually I just keep working. It means nothing to me.

    I think the fact that Melbourne actually gets a public holiday for a stupid 3 minute horse race is pretty disgusting. We are a nation of compulsive gamblers.

      This is the first year I've lived in Victoria, and honestly, much like the public holiday for the Grand Final, I was told not to come into work, so I didn't go into work... I don't really care about either event and don't participate at all, but if I'm given the day off, I'm going to take it and not complain.

    Covering for the jackasses who take long lunches getting drunk while watching the bloody thing.

    My grandfather, who fed his family of seven children, and later his extended family, from his huge vegetable garden, was adamant that your tomato plants had to be in by Cup Day.

    So that's what I'm doing. I've put in a raised wicking garden bed, and off I'll go to Gardenworld.

    Basically just ignore it to the best of my ability.

    The horse racing industry is pretty scummy, I don't want to support it. I don't have a problem with gambling but I have no interest in it myself. So I'll ignore it and work, like every year.

    Nothing at all. If I am scheduled to work then I carry on working. If I’m at home, I do not even bother. Very few of my colleagues care about it, and I never gamble - no one in my family does. It is a non-event for me. Still if others have a good time, that’s great - provided that they gamble responsibly.

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