Battle The Great Old Ones In The Outback

A new board game from Martin Wallace has players exploring the outback while battling against Lovecraftian horrors.

Set in an alternate reality 1930s Australia, Auztralia is inspired by Wallace’s previous work A Study In Emerald. Auztralia combines a sense of adventure and exploration in the Australian outback with Cthulhu.

Because we still aren’t over that phase where every other board game has to have Cthulhu.

Martin Wallace is a renowned board game designer, having designed games such as Age of Steam, Brass, Discworld: Ankh-Morpork and many, many others.

One of the hallmarks of Wallace’s games is the tight economic design where players have to work hard to manage their resources. The other hallmark of his work is iteration. While many of his earlier games stand on their own, more recent games borrow heavily from previously used mechanics expanding and refining them for a new experience.

Auztralia looks to be one of those games, as A Study In Emerald is already on its second edition after the initial release was deemed too complicated.

The game’s Twitter]

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