I don't know how people were able to interpret yesterday's inkblot as Guacamelee but they did. Today I opted for something a little simpler.

Good luck!


    The Legend of Zelda?

    Honestly, it looks like a beer keg to me....

    [Proceeds to put a tab on the 'keg' and pours a Guinness. Then leaves with the tap.]

      Then leaves with the tap

      Some people just like to watch the world burn...

        OK, I'll bite. How is denying people access to Guinness, of all things, setting the world on fire?

          Its a Dark Knight quote. Some people don't do things for a reason other than to watch the chaos that decision leads to - in tDK's respect, that was the Joker taking all the crooks money, only to burn it.

          Tapping a keg, then leaving no way to pour a beer looked like that to me :) Just on a far lower level.

            OK, thanks. It has been some time since I last watched that movie.

    I know how you always say your drawings are terrible, but your photography is FAR worse haha

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