The Atom Is Coming To Injustice 2 And He's Going To Kick Your Arse With Science

There's always an element of visual punnery with shrinking superheroes such as the Atom. "Oh, look at him standing next to a spoon! So cuuute!" But, remember: Ryan Choi will bring the pain to the outside and inside of your body.

Image: WB Games

DC Comics' micro-sized adventurer will be joining NetherRealms' hit fighting game Injustice 2 next week, and a new trailer shows off a bunch of the Atom's moves. It's actually hilarious to watch him disappear into a speck of almost-nothing and then have that tiny dot smack the Joker across the screen.

The Atom - along with the freakin' Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - hits Injustice 2 on December 12.


    why wouldn't he just shrink himself, get inside the bodies of his opponents, then become big again and watch the tide of red spew out :P

      Well thanks now i cant sleep without the thought of Ant Man and Atom murdering me by inhalation and then expanding to assume my skin as a disguise.

        Hahahaaha what a thought. still the gameplay looks pretty interesting.

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