What's Your Favourite Game Of The Year?

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Yesterday, we asked you about your most disappointing game of the year. Let's take a more positive approach today and find out what your game of the year is.

Last week, Mark Serrels triumphantly declared that not only was Breath of the Wild his pick for game of the year, it's his favourite game ever. Hard to compete with that.

Meanwhile, I took the coward's approach and named a ten year old Nintendo DS game as my game of the year.

Between those two opinions is a gulf you can fill with practically any game in the last decade. Let's narrow it down to just this year.

The list of great games that came out this year is ridiculous. You have AAA releases like Assassin's Creed Origins standing alongside indie darlings like Cuphead.

Nintendo had a strong showing with Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey and Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle all legitimate contenders to the title of game of the year.

There's a long list of games to choose from. Choose carefully (or don't) and let us know in the comments what you think of this year in games (or don't).

We'll publish the results next week.


    The only game I've played on that list is COD WWII and there is no way that is getting any votes from me.

    Persona 5, Prey, Assassin’s Creed, Mario and Zelda.

    2017 was a pretty solid year.

    Arguably one of the best years ever for gaming releases IMO. So many games exceeded expectations. I voted for Horizon Zero Dawn but could easily hand it to Zelda, Mario, Persona, or even Assassins Creed (Origins is astonishingly good, especially the setting). Though TBH I still played a game from last year more than anything: Dishonored 2.

    Without a doubt, it's Horizon Zero Dawn. Not only best of the year, but best ever. They really really need to do a sequel.... Please!

    Going with AC Origins, feels good to have a great AC game again.

    Sounds too obvious, but i gots to go with botw. There were some truly phenomenal games this year (nier was a amazing combo of taro and platinum), but zelda managed to suck me in for 100 hours at a time in my life where a game is lucky to get 10.

    The portability of the switch helped, but only as an enabler for the allure. The logical physicality of the world and the integration of the runes makes skyrim feel clumsy by comparison. And i LOVED skyrim.

    Nier was goddamned amazing too.

      You just made me realise that my 2017 by hours played would be Fire Emblem heroes lol - that is defo NOT my fav game of the year, but it is my favourite "I'm commuting and have 10 mins" game of the last few years.

      This is the problem with game of the years... BTOW feels so long ago now, but it was so epic for me for several months. I'm not sure... to b honest all my favourite games to play right now weren't released in 2017!

    It was a tough choice some amazing games this year, but I’m going with Nioh. The game is just so good I keep coming back to it everyone should give a go because it a great game that keeps getting overlooked

      I agree, any other year Nioh would have been an awesome sleeper hit. It just got crowded out by all the other awesome sleeper hits - pretty coolstate of affairs overall!

      I went with Nioh. Did the time spent playing and how consistently I was enjoying myself in a game and Nioh is far and away my favourite game this year.

      I really enjoyed Nioh but the inventory management pushed me away. Too much loot and too much time spent bogged down in menus selling or trying to find that optimal way to upgrade you item. Stopped at the blobby boss and completely forgot about it

        You just hit sell all every 5 missions until you get to NG+.

    BOTW easy for me, played on wii u then again on switch. It's rare I replay games right after finishing them but BOTW was that good. I also really liked horizon and am enjoying assassins creed origins right now. If AC:origins was a new franchise with the revamped gameplay i think it would have gotten alot of hype but the AC name and the way AC was handled in the last few releases hampers it's popularity imo.

    My surprise for the year was mario + rabbids. I secretly enjoyed it more than odyssey.

    Last edited 15/12/17 9:13 am

    Zelda: BotW just up-ended all my expectations and was a divine experience.

    Would be game of the last 5 years for me. Its magic.

    I went with What Remains of Edith Finch. Just ahead of Uncharted (because I bloody love Uncharted) and Horizon Zero Dawn (amazing game but falls down a couple of notches due to being a bit too long). I have Persona 5 but haven't played it yet so can't really vote for it.

    I also can't believe that Everybody's Golf isn't on that list - that's more pure fun than just about anything else I played this year.

      I tried to include everything that had half a chance of being voted on. It didn't take long to get a list of over 40 games together but I figured I'd miss something which is why write-ins are allowed.

        It's quite interesting how many games from the "most disappointing" list also appear in this list - shows just how far opinions can be divided on these things!

      Same. No really, the same on all counts. Same vote for Edith. Uncharted: TLL probably number 2 (is the BEST Uncharted). Horizon was too long (Alien Isolation syndrome - 5 Star game reduced to 4 stars). Will find the time for Persona 5 after Xmas (Persona 3 FES is my #1, all time, and I've been playing since Commodore 64).

      I suppose I'd better check out Everbody's Golf!

    Man I keep hearing about Edith Finch!! Never heard of this until GOTY discussions. Need to check it out.

      Try it. And if you like that sort of game then try, the park.

    It is brilliant, assuming you like story-driven kind of games. If you want a multiplayer FPS or something like that then it's not what you're looking for.

    I went with Doki Doki, I'm finding that short games stick in my brain more these days, as I can actually finish them within a week. I'm still only halfway through Persona 5, which would be my second (probably number one if I had the chance to finish it)

    Its Horizon Zero Dawn for me, mostly because I simply haven't played any of the other contenders. I have Nier sitting there to play, but haven't loaded it up yet.

    Other AAA games I've played this year have all been fun, but ultimately flawed. Like Destiny 2. What was there was a hoot, but it was just so limiting in the end game, and then there was all the controversy, that I just cant bring it up as a serious contender.

    I think the main GotY contenders this year will really narrow down to only a handful for most gaming sites. HZD, BotW, PUBG will be the dominant games that come up time after time.

    I think Cuphead will appear on lists, but its far too niche for most to have experienced. It'll be like the movie The Color Purple, which had 11 Oscar nominations, and zero wins. It'll win where there are sub categories (like art style), but the actual GotY, will probably fall behind those other main contenders.

    I don't think PUBG should be on the list because it isn't 'released' yet. It's still in early access. When it releases in 2018, then it should be on the Best of 2018 list.

    What’s gonna win? I bet you’ll never see it cOMIIIIIIIIIIIIIING

    It's gotta be Hellblade this year. That game is just such a masterpiece and a blast to play.

    It's close, but gotta hand it to Nier: Automata. Honorable mentions for Nioh, Horizon: Zero Dawn and Hollow Knight.

    It was a hard decision since I've only played Torment: Tides of Numenara and Mass Effect: Andromeda. I chose Torment :)

    Was a hard choice, but Nier actually made me feel things in my cold dark heart so i went with that.

    I went with Prey.
    I bought it because it's Arkane, I love Dishonored, and it just sucked me in. Combat was solid, the atmosphere of the whole thing was great, and the story was excellent. Loved it.

      Agreed. I think any other year and it would have gotten a lot more attention. Such a solid game.

    Horizon Zero Dawn, on reflection it's the combat that makes it rise above all other open world RPGs. The story a close second. Amazing game, and excited about what they could do with this series going forward.

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