Community Review: New Year's Resolutions

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It's the start of a new year, which is always a good time to review what we did with the previous 12 months.

Some people are more formalised with the start of a new year than others, often by way of to-do lists or resolutions proper. I've tended to be more casual about it as years go on, partially because I know how time-poor I can be.

But I did have one major objective (shared with Tegan) for the year: find a new place before the summer began. Around this time last year, I was living in a small apartment that didn't have aircon. Which is totally fine! It was a lovely place for years. But when the mercury rose, the heat was brutal. It was painful enough that I barely slept most nights in December, and we resolved to never go another summer again without a place that had some form of cooling.

A couple of weeks before going on holiday to Japan, we did precisely that. And life has been much improved since then (although our long-awaited NBN installation, which was originally scheduled for a couple of months after we moved in, was delayed to April-June of this year).

But going forward, I'd like to finish a lot more books than I did in 2017. I'd also like to be a little more organised with my personal time, if only so I can finish off a lot of the things that I enjoy but never seem to get around to finishing. (But that's really more of a work/life balance thing, too.)

What resolutions or goals did you set for 2017, and how did you go about completing them?


    Same promise I make every year, buy less games. I'm doing okay so far, I only picked up one game from the Steam winter sale despite having twenty in my cart at one point.

    I’m working on the usual resolutions. Get fit. Be more healthy. Try to stop jacking off to pictures of Susan Boyle.

    Day 8. Progress is slow.

    My resolution last year was to give up coffee. I don't think I even made it to Feb!

    Last year was one of the best years of my life. I didn't make too many mistakes, and took a lot of steps forward. I made some great contacts, made a good short film that's in festivals now, and I wrote 2 features, 2 shorts and started a mini-series. I really love sitting down at the PC, imagining these cool scenarios and turning them into stories. I can't wait to do it professionally.

    So this year, if I did have a resolution, it would be to keep doing what I've been doing.
    It feels really amazing to be moving forwards with my life. For years I kind of existed in this cynical, existential dread-ing type zone where I worked, and gamed, and angsted about how average my life was. I was so unhappy. Eventually I had a whole bunch of life stressors at the same time and it all came crumbling down. And it was the best thing that's ever happened to me because it made me evaluate what kind of life I was living VS the life that I actually wanted. And I came to the conclusion that I'm going to die anyway, and everything's really hard anyway, so I might as well work really hard at living the life of my dreams, instead of being Mr. Depresso and going nowhere and feeling awful about it.

    So having a real cracker of a year in 2017 was a good sign that I've turned things around nicely.

    Even if I don't achieve my dreams, it's ok, because I still have the satisfaction of knowing that I gave it my best shot. It feels good and I've had some really intense experiences that I wouldn't have had otherwise.

    I hope all kotaku-ans have a great 2018 as well. Let's all make this year ours!

    I'm going to try to lose some weight. I'm not massively overweight or anything, but I have noticed it slowly creeping up as I've got older. So I've decided I'm going to try to lose about 5kg now before I get to the point where I'm having to lose 10 or 20kg in a couple of years.

    My resolution is to run more. To help with that I signed up to a 15km run in March. I think running once a week and hopefully increasing over time is realistic and it definitely helps that I have an active runner friend who lives nearby who is giving me motivation to keep running

      I think any exercise is easier to maintain if you do it with somebody else, whether it's a friend or personal trainer or whatever. Especially when you're first starting. If nobody knows that you're slacking off, it's easier to slack off. Having somebody who will notice helps keeps you honest, and can motivate you to get off your arse and go even when you don't feel like it.

    My resolution actually started a few days earlier than expected. I now have a 7km walk/ jog / run session four times a week.

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