Monster Hunter World’s Beta Compared On The PS4 And PS4 Pro

Monster Hunter World’s Beta Compared On The PS4 And PS4 Pro
Image: Capcom

Monster Hunter World comes out this week, and while we don’t know how it’ll fare on the PC or the Xbox One X, we can at least see how it shapes up on Sony’s platform.

The main thing PS4 Pro users will want to know is that you have one of three options:

They’re pretty self-explanatory. If you aim for the best resolution, Digital Foundry found you’ll get an 1800p image with less pop-in (compared to the base PS4) and more detail throughout. The two other modes lock the resolution at 1080p.

The main thing to note is that there’s no frame rate cap on any of the modes. The resolution priority mode, for instance, hovers just about 30fps. But because the frame rate jumps around a lot, it affects the stability of the image.

It’s worth noting that the performance was measured against the beta, and Capcom’s always capable of improving the final performance with future patches. I wouldn’t expect the performance mode to ever hit a flat 60fps on the PS4 Pro though, given that the frame rate hovers in the mid-to-high 40’s for the most part.

Monster Hunter World is due out for PS4 and Xbox One on Friday, with a PC release later this year.


  • Worst review ever. All it talks about is tech and comparison to past old out dated design. I got nothing from this about the story, game play and controls which is the only thing that matters. If you want to know anything about this game go else where. This is just a tech advert. Dull as dishwater…

    • Because there’s around a dozen ‘real gamers’ out there in the wild and millions of PS4s. Only ‘real gamers’ give a flying flock about Xbones.

      • I’ve got to admit, I have a PS4 and a gaming PC, but watching my partner playing Zelda on the Switch keeps making me think “why don’t they implement [insert feature here] on other games?” It lets you climb stuff. (Note to other sandbox game designers – let me climb stuff)

      • Never seen them tbh. Home screen only has my most recent used apps and games. Not sure who has told you these lies.

        Enjoy your PS4 that sounds like it’s going to grow wings and fly away.

        • i don’t need to provide anything or any reason to justify my purchase of a ps4, I simply play on a ps4 or pc because i can, I’m not the one saying real gamer is this or that, I played the first rts Westwood game’s dune on Nintendo 64, I even played Starcraft 1 on Nintendo 64, I transcend the border between console and pc to play games because i like playing games, Now what is the point of having a Xbox1 X if you could buy a pc? that’s the thing the real “gamer” Agentofevil doesn’t understand, He brought the wrong console and is now trying to justify it lol

          • I have a pc and a PS4 pro.

            Any console gamer is buying multi platform games on the X, you’d be studid not to.

            Stupid like this comparison.

          • But why because graphics? xbox1x favors graphics not frames, Game play over graphics should always come first. What i get out of the ps4 is my friends list and communities, Ps4 was the more accessible and viable option this console generation, That doesn’t mean the best, It just means i wasn’t supporting Microsofts bs motives like always on Drm and the other bs like adds on homescreen, That sh*t ain’t cool. Your homescreen is your private place not theirs to sell u sh*t. Don’t let me ruin your gaming experience, I’m not trying to do that, I’m just saying theres more options & those options may or may not be better experiencs. Peace

          • What home screen ads? You were asked to provide evidence of such and go on a rant about PlayStation.

            Don’t start a fight if you’re just going to run away, circle round and yell a bit and run some more.

            Where are the home screen ads? Show me

          • I posted a youtube address of a xbox streamer talking about advertisements on the Xbox homescreen… Using the interwebs is hard huh?

          • @hardtobeagod

            Are you in the US or in AU?

            In which case – internet is really hard isnt it?
            If you want to call ‘ads’ the homescreen advertising this months current free xbox games with gold titles?

            How can you have a valid argument about an item of which you don’t own or clearly have not used? You don’t see me making claims about playstation because i wouldnt have a clue.

            You might need a tissue to wipe that egg of your face kid.

          • The reason for Xbox is simple.

            Best controller
            Best graphics
            Console is silent
            Better online service
            I have friends on both consoles

            It’s a no brainer. And as stated many times, there is no ads. Maybe you should give it a try instead of bashing it. Don’t you like it when PS4 installs games like destiny 2 for you automatically because it wants you to try it? Isn’t that advertising?

          • My brother has a xbox, Don’t presume stuff, Makes you look dumb. I never had any Destiny intalls? Also wasn’t that the one time that happened on a Ps4 leading to Xbox users saying it’s a common thing they deal with, Seriously go play your magnificent xbox with the rest of the “real gamers like Mucktard” lol & leave me alone already, Jesus .

          • people don’t like it when you catch them out in a falsehood – something they know nothing of, yet preach as an expert.

            i said it above and i will say it again – @hardtobeagod Don’t start a fight if you’re just going to run away, circle round and yell a bit and run some more.

            Clearly you realise that you were wrong? is that why you are now throwing insults?

          • Xbot aint got shit to play so have to resort to “oh multi plats are (very slightly) better on the X even though this gen is basically over and the X is way over priced. So glad X has no good exclusives except maybe cuphead which i can play on my pc anyway.” Dont be mad because you’re brand got outsold 2 – 1 and will probably bow out next gen.

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