Yesterday was an easy one, then. It was Heretic, the classic '90s FPS from Raven Software. Casual nailed that again - you've had a good week.

So let's make today's game a little harder.

Good luck!


    Lord of the Realms, Celtic kings? I'm never going to guess one of these.

    I'm going to say something ridiculous and guess Shovel Knight.

    It's a turn-based strategy game. From a publisher you'd probably recognise...

      Ceaser? I feel it's a Sid Mier game perhaps but i'm still got no idea, I could go searching throughout my Gog.Com account & see if anythings similar lol

        No but you're on the right path, publisher wise.

          Omg i'm frustrated lol i've gone through my Micro pose, Fire axis and seira games. And googled those i never played which is most of them and i've got nothing. I give up & i'm going to bed lol Darklands? lol sigh..

    King's Bounty or Heroes of Might and Magic 1/2

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