Welcome... To The Oasis

Ready Player One has it all wrong.

We're busy prepping ourselves for VR like this:

Aw yeah, looks amazing.

When what we really should be getting braced for is this:

This is video taken DrekTheWiz's Twitch channel. He's been playing VR Chat. VR Chat is a growing community where people can "explore, play, and help craft the future of social VR".

This is where we're at right now with interacting with other human beings in VR.

It's memes, anime, tanks and weird spam I'm too old to understand.

I watched the above video and digged a little deeper. I have regrets.

I think this was the point of no return for me:

Or maybe this.

To be honest I don't know if this dark pit has a bottom.

Prepare yourself people. It's gonna get way worse before it gets better. We're a long way from the Oasis.


    Because this was free I thought id check it out, big mistake...
    This 'game' is just creepy and disgusting riddled with constant heavy racism and sexual abuse from other players.

    I can certainly see the potential behind it but its currently plagued with internet creeps from 'that' part of the neighbourhood.

    but I will admit, the first thing i thought of as soon as I dived in was 'ready player one' except everyone is dressed up as little girls threatening to rape you...

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