Who's Your Favourite Game Character Of 2017?

There were so many great games in 2017 with fantastic stories and equally great characters.

Persona 5's entire ensemble added something to the gripping narrative and I found myself sympathizing with all of their plights. Nier: Automata had an amazing cast of robots who were memorable and fascinating, even if most of them ended up suffering miserably. There were really interesting NPCs in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild that I really loved, from the flower guardian, Magda, to Kilton and his monster wares, and of course, our favourite child, Hunnie. Horizon Dawn's Aloy, Wolfenstein II's William "B.J." Blazkowicz, and even The Last Guardian's huge animal friend, Trico, are just some more great characters. And of course, it's always a nostalgic reunion to hang with Mario and company in Super Mario Odyssey as well as Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.

That's not to mention all the retrogames I revisited this past year. Getting to spend time with Chrono Trigger's crew over a campfire was one of the most meditative and thoughtful experiences I've had. Phantasy Star IV had an amazing series of adventurers that was the perfect end to one of the most underrated series in gaming. It was also hilarious getting to replay Conker's Bad Fur Day with the character's ribald and vulgar humour all over again.

The question today, Kotaku readers: Who was your favourite game character of 2017?


    Makoto Niijima. All other answers are wrong.

      Futaba is best girl. I didn't mind Makoto but I was really impressed with the way Futaba was handled with regard to the mental breakdown and her introduction back into the world.

    I didn’t play many new games this year, so really I can only pick one of the Andromeda cast. But to be honest I can’t remember any good ones.

    I finished almost twenty games in 2017 (I think I play too many games) but in all honesty, none of the characters really stick out to me that much.

    I think my favourite character will probably be Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn. She's got a cool design, she's level headed, strong, brave (no pun intended for HZD fans) and she's a bad ass against the machines.

      Certainly enjoying her so far (opened up all the main world, got to level 30, done around 40% of the game...).

      I most like the occasional response choices - even though they mostly don't affect the world in the way Mass Effect's do it's nice to be able to play her harsher or kinder. :)

    Marguerite Baker from Resident Evil 7 Biohazard.

    Playing hide and seek with that wench was just so tense!

    Our Lord and savior, Tachanka. Yesterday, today and forever more.

    Aloy, from what amount of Horizon I could play.

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