Dawn Of War 3 Won't Get Any More 'Major Content'

Expectations were high for Relic's latest iteration to the Dawn of War franchise. But due to a muted public reception and a stagnant player base, Relic has confirmed that their time with the Warhammer 40,000 RTS has all but come to a close.

In a statement provided to Eurogamer, the studio - which is working on the first new Age of Empires game in over a decade - confirmed that Dawn of War 3 missed expectations at launch. The game also failed to gain the traction Relic and SEGA expected after release, and as a result Relic can't financially justify producing "major content" for the RTS going forward.

When a game underperforms, plans need to change. With Dawn of War 3, we simply don't have the foundation we need to produce major content. We're working in close partnership with Sega and Games Workshop to determine the best course of action, while shifting focus to other projects within our portfolio.

It's a heartbreaking announcement considering the extensive love among Warhammer and RTS fans for the first two Dawn of War games. It's not a complete surprise, however. A lot of Relic's adjustments to the traditional RTS formula, like the focus on the Elite units and the MOBA-esque default multiplayer mode, weren't popular at launch.

Relic responded to feedback by releasing the Annihilation mode and modding tools post-launch, but it proved too little, too late. Dawn of War 3 has had a smaller player base than Soulstorm, one of the expansions for the original Dawn of War.

It's not all doom and gloom for Relic, however. Along with Age of Empires 4, which has no release date, the company is also working on another, unannounced project. Their statement to Eurogamer also doesn't say work on DOW3 will cease outright, only that they won't produce major content. That means the game's future will likely be left in the hands of modders, and the Dawn of War community has a long and proud track record there.


    Hmm, every iteration of DOW has messed with the RTS formula for better or for worse. For me though it was a cruddily unimaginative single-player campaign which turned me off. That and the complete lack of polish: it felt cheap in a way I haven't experienced in a Relic game, kinda like they ran out of money.

      yeah i never picked it up at all because i didnt like how the single player campaign was ( swapping between each race every level). I would of picked it up if had been done like the original dawn of war or like how starcraft and warcraft 3 did it.

        I think you've forgotten how bad the original DoW's campaign was lol. Relic don't exactly have a proven track record when it comes to single player campaigns, it's the multiplayer where their games usually shine.

        The original DoW had 4 races but the campaign was only one race, the Space Marines, and it was also not very long. The Winter Assault expansion then added campaigns (kinda) for the other races - an "Order" campaign that featured the Eldar and the new race Imperial Guard, and a "Disorder" campaign that featured Chaos and Orks, and both were criminally short experiences. For the next two expansions, Dark Crusade and Soulstorm, they ditched the story-driven campaign completely and instead turned the single-player experience basically into a game of Risk where the goal was to conquer all the territories on a map.

        I didn't mind DoW3's campaign for the most part, I didn't mind it how it switched races after each mission - at least you did in fact get to play as all available races. The worst part about DoW3's campaign was the upkeep mechanic - while it made sense to have it in multiplayer it made absolutely no sense to have it in single player, as it just resulted in you standing around doing nothing while waiting for your power resource to trickle in at a snail's pace even with all points on the map captured and upgraded in order to build anything.

          Dawn of War came out 14 years ago and was a fun game that deserved ongoing expansions and support. It was popular and people enjoyed playing it.

          Dawn of War 3 came out in tyol 2017 and is a bad, boring game.

            I played the original DoW to death - I reached top 10 on the online Gamespy ladder at one point. I loved it, it was fantastic - a few balance issues not withstanding.

            Compared to 1, DoW 2 was poo.

            DoW 3 I thought actually had a solid foundation and *could* have been really good - I saw the potential there, but it was lacking vital features at launch. While some were added later, they really needed to be there from the start for the game to gain traction. The elite system was also a bit hit and miss with some considered OP, some considered borderline useless, and some considered vital army components that really should have been core units.

              DOW2 was great. It was loyal to the source material and the style of game appealed to me a lot more. I don't give a shit about multi player and neither do a lot of the people that bought all those expansions for DOW 1 and 2. DOW2 presented you with a series of canned, high impact scenarios and told you a story, which meant down the road they were able to deliver the greatest single player RTS campaign ever in gaming, that of Kaptin Bluddflagg.

              This game is extremely boring to play, doesn't even pretend to have tactical depth, feels extremely disconnected from the source material and every unit is a just a faceless placeholder in a poor RTS video game.

                As I said, we're looking at it from different perspectives. There was a big community around competitive DoW 1, of which I was a part of, who were heavily heavily turned off by DoW 2 and how it dumbed things down. Speaking of the multiplayer aspect, DoW 2 just had nowhere close to the strategic depth of the original. I could write a big essay here as to why, but I won't. For most of the DoW 1 competitive community, it was a real letdown.

                It seemed those who didn't care about multiplayer preferred DoW 2, but those that did preferred DoW 1, for the most part. And that's fine...different games for different demographics, I guess.

                  Yeah I agree. The thing is they were both successful and almost everyone still enjoyed both on their merits, but had a favourite. They were different, but they were good games. 3 tried to blend them or something but also turned it into a really soulless outing.

                  I was actually pumped to go back to bigger battles with knight sized units, but this isn't the game to do it.

                  I don't care about multiplayer, but DoW1(Soulstorm) is probably my favourite RTS of all time.
                  DoW2 was too MOBA-esque in comparison, and I hate and always will hate MOBAs; I only finished the base game campaign, didn't even buy the expansions.
                  I got DoW3 from humblebundle a couple of months ago, started the campaign, but it's just not grabbing me sadly.
                  It's sad that the game won't get the Tau, or get fixed in general.

          Yes, the upkeep! So much that! They had a similar system in Retribution and it was terrible there too.

    Honestly I think the biggest thing that hurt the game was the lack of annihilation mode at launch. While they did add it later, it STILL wasn't the automatch standard.

    If the game launched with annihilation as the standard automatch ladder mode, I daresay we wouldn't be in this position right now. The game itself had a solid enough foundation - much better than DoW 2 IMO - but it just lacked some vital features at launch for it to gain traction. The game would have benefitted from delaying it slightly to get these features in so they were there from the start.

    Thats such gut punch for me. I was one of the seemingly few, who really enjoyed the changes that they made.

    Every game would just be so much fun and games never seemed to drag on. Races seemed really well balanced and base gameplay is so solid for me. The campaign was a letdown though.

    The community was really against this game from before day 1 and it seemed the majority of people just wanted Relic to be a lot more conservative with its design choices and make a slightly updated version of the previous games.

    One of the very few games that I was looking forward to the dlc ie new races....

      They were conservative, they took the game back to the 90s.

    Sigh. Dark Crusade remaster, anyone? That really was the pinnacle of DoW.

    The shift to the hero-unit focus on MOBA-style ability micro-management was what turned me off DoW2. Base-building. Huge armies. That's what DoW1 did brilliantly. They didn't need to fuck with that shit. But fuck with it they did.

      I loved DOW2's squad focus because a game of 40k never gets much beyond a few tanks and stuff. I liked playing around with all the various 40k wargear and the feeling of having your space marine supermen take on all comers throughout the story and prevail against overwhelming odds. DOW2 is my favourite DOW by a long stretch and I played so much of it that I'd probably be ashamed of the steam hours played.

      All that said, I was genuinely hoping DOW3 would capture the original and go back to the scale of DOW1 or even go a little bigger and I was really excited for it. I played the beta at PAX and it concerned me a lot. I then got the game as a gift and I think I played 5 hours before giving up on it. It's one of the least substantial and plain boring RTS games I've ever played. It doesn't capture the universe of 40k well, it isn't fun to play. I don't know why they made the decisions on this game, but they killed the thing in development and it's a shame because I assume this is the end of the franchise for good.

      God how good is Dark Crusade. I think maybe once or twice a year I reinstall it and play through a few single player runs - so freaking good.

    Is total fan boy of all things 40k.. Doesn't touch this game... -_- Reads this article... Was so going to pre order... sigh lol

    As a huge 40k fan, DOW 1 and 2 had some nutty moments , but it appealed to the miniature community very much. DOW 3 feels like they were merely using 40k designs to sell a generic MOBA/RTS.

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