Decompiled Tomb Raider Source Code Reveals Loads Of Vulgar Words (NSFW)

Imagine you’re a programmer, working on a video game almost two decades ago. No one outside the studio is ever going to see your code, so you can name methods and write comments however you like, right? Uh… maybe don’t bet the house on that, especially if you were involved with Tomb Raider: Chronicles in the late 90s, because someone’s decompiling that bad boy today. Insert obligatory language warning here.

The currently decompiled source code can be found on GitHub, if you’d like to trawl through it yourself. Otherwise, a number of Reddit users on /r/programming have already found a couple of unsavoury gems.

RECT* fuckmyanalpassage;

char bullshitbollox;

extern void DisplayStatsUCunt();

And of course:

struct PHD_3DPOS bum_view;

You click any of the above code segments to visit them directly in the source.

How is this possible? It’s true that a lot of the original flavour of source code is lost when it’s compiled into binary form, however, the people working on the decompilation got a little help:

Basically approx. a year ago, someone uploaded a .zip on the forums that contained a bunch of leaked PSX SDK tools, and internal dev files from Core Design. That included beta versions of TR4 and 5, alongside with debug symbols that contained functions, variables (globals and locals) and struct defs.

So, if you’re currently coding a game, maybe think twice about the language you’re using. And I’m not talking about the programming language.

TOMB5 [GitHub, via Reddit]


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