Get Dead Space For Free, Right Now

Sure, it's heavily inspired by System Shock. But the original Dead Space is still a cracking action horror game that's worth your time, and it's free right now.

The game is free through Origin's "On The House" program, the same venture that resulted in games like Dungeon Keeper and Theme Hospital being free to download for a short period of time.

It's not specified how long Dead Space will be available for, but you don't need to download the game to keep it in your library. You just need to login to your Origin account (through the website or the PC app) and then redeem it into your library, after which point you'll be able to enjoy what some people say is one of the best horror games ever made.

Well, I don't know that it's quite that good. But the Ishimura makes for a great spin on a haunted house, as far as horror tropes go. And the game's free, so what are you waiting for?


    It's inspired by system shock? How?

      The major plot points are strikingly similar to System Shock 2. Which is probably not a coincidence because at the time this was being made, EA (kinda) owned the rights to System Shock and were rumoured to be making a third game.

      The Ishimura and Von Braun have a lot of similarities.
      Gameplay wise, it's one person with very limited resources on a space station who only ever interacts with other humans through short audio snippets.
      The enemies are a gross biological human/alien hybrids who form a hive mind.

        I really don't see it man. The necromorphs are their own thing. There's no overriding AI intelligence, it's a 3rd person game with no role playing elements apart from upgrading your weapons and armour.

        I can see fixing the air being similar to hydroponics on the von braun, but as someone who's played both games many, many times, I think they're both squarely their own thing.

          Except for the fact that Shodan betrays you, SS2's major villain is for the most part The Many.

          a weird alien artifact turns humans into a fleshy hivemind that eats everything. the protagonist is alone in space and under equipped. He has to travel all over the ship to fix all the different broken bits and stop the hivemind. A lot of the missions follow similar structure. The whispering is similar to the communications from the Many. The moving around the ship using the monorail replaces the elevators. Even the loading screens are similar.

          I just did a quick google and found quite a few news articles. The game was literally System Shock 3 before they played Resident Evil 4 and decided to change stuff:

            That's cool man and thanks for the link, it was a good read. I don't really agree though (Shodan created the many, there's nothing to do with an artifact at all). Also many of the other factors are just common tropes in science fiction in general. How do you move around a space ship really? There's not that many options. Also that article to me actually reads that they made resident evil 4 in space, and that actually strikes a big chord with me. THAT I can see clearly.

            But I'm glad you like the game too. It's a sweet game. They all are really. 3 of the best.

    Dead Space has already been available through On the House (in fact, I believe it was the first), this is disappointing.

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