Hackers Are Working To Bring Every Doom Game To Switch 

Hackers Are Working To Bring Every Doom Game To Switch 

This is the open source version of Doom 3 running on a Switch. It’s only a matter of time before Doom 64 and the rest arrive.

There’s a long standing mission to run the original Doom on every object humanity’s ever encountered. But with Doom 2016 arriving on Switch last autumn, the first time the series had been ported to a Nintendo console in almost two decades, focus on bringing the games to the handheld has been renewed.

Recently, the iodoom3 Twitter account shared an image of the third game making that exact voyage.

In 2011 id Software released the source code to Doom 3, and iodoom3 is one of the projects aimed at updating and porting it to various platforms.

It’s not the remastered Doom 3: BFG Edition released in 2012, but since that game is available on the Nvidia Shield, whose Tegra graphics chip is also what the Switch uses a modified version of, getting to that shouldn’t be an impossible task.

With the pace of homebrew progress for the platform picking up, it’s probably only a matter of time.

Recently, Switch hackers have managed to get Linux up and running on the handheld, offering a lot more avenues for quixotic dreams like this.

Of course, their methods haven’t yet been revealed and pushing a piece of technology outside the boundaries of its original intended uses always runs the risk of doing irreparable harm (i.e. finding a way to check Twitter maybe isn’t worth potentially bricking the only device around that plays Super Mario Odyssey).

Last December, videos started going around of Doom 1993 running on the Switch, another cool development although not as surprising given that the classic shooter is often one of the first games to get ported to any new piece of technology.

Of course, even that beta version released by kgDoom was full of bugs and not a clean port of the original PC version or SNES port, but it’s renewed the promise that the Switch could be the first Nintendo system to be able to play every Doom game ever released.

What that achievement would actually mean in some greater cosmic sense is unclear, but that’s never stopped people before. Especially for fans of id Software’s groundbreaking series, simply shouting “DOOM!” usually work as its own rationale.

At the very least, it could put pressure on Bethesda and Nintendo to actually provide proper, official ports, either through some sort of future virtual console (or the subscription plan Nintendo seems to be replacing it with) or even a remastered anthology.


  • Just bought doom on the switch now that it has gyro controls. It’s fantastic in it’s own right, and has so many nods to all of my childhood faves.

    I didn’t feel the same way about 3, it took the worst parts of the doom level design whereas the new one takes the best (minimal monster closets). 3 was a GPU tech demo. :p

    But it’s pretty neat that the switch has been so comprehensively blown open.

    • Doom 2016 is amazing, particularly the level design, with various areas seeming to hark back to every ID shooter. Hell in particular felt a lot like Quake in the level design (layout I mean, not

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