Mario Is Getting His Own Fancy Encyclopedia

Mario Is Getting His Own Fancy Encyclopedia

Having had tremendous success with its trio of The Legend of Zelda reference books, Dark Horse Publishing sets its sights on the Mushroom Kingdom, chronicling three decades of Nintendo gaming in the Super Mario Encyclopedia.

The Super Mario Encyclopedia is an exhaustive look at nearly every Super Mario game Nintendo’s made, from Super Mario Bros. in 1985 to 2015’s Super Mario 3D World (apparently Super Mario Odyssey missed the cut-off date). It has descriptions of enemies, level layouts, tricks and glitches, and guides for finding all the collectibles, be they coins, stars, suns or mushrooms. It’s 256 pages of all the Mario stuff.

The standard edition of the book will be released on October 23, with a retail price of $US39.99 ($51). No word on a fancy collector’s edition yet, but Dark Horse always does the fancy collector’s editions. Maybe we’ll get something to match the NES cartridge-looking Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia? That would be lovely.

Mario Is Getting His Own Fancy Encyclopedia


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