Mario Kart Is Coming To Mobile, Called Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Is Coming To Mobile, Called Mario Kart Tour
Image: Mario Kart 8

Hot off the back of announcing the launch of Nintendo Switch Online, Nintendo dropped another bombshell today: Mario Kart Tour, a “mobile application” launching by March 2019.

The company said little beyond the fact that “a new mobile application is now in development”. Called Mario Kart Tour, it would be released by March 2019:

It’s unclear whether Mario Kart Tour will be a separate game, something that plugs into Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, or a precursor to a new Mario Kart sequel. Still, a proper Mario Kart on mobile with even half the content would still make Nintendo truckloads of money. Either way, we’ll keep you posted when we know more.


  • Please for the love of all that is holy… No.Microtransactions!! Just one upfront fee

    • It’s basically impossible to do business that way on mobiles these days. Particularly for Android. People won’t give you any money up front and they’ll download the game from any number of mirror sites.

      • I thought that was the reason Mario Run was always online? To prevent that exactly?

        I like the idea of paying once, but got tired of MR pretty quickly. They better not pull some bullshit iOS exclusive either.

  • Hey, we have a brand new mobile gaming platform that was brought out in the same generation as our previous console that died because we didn’t support it, let’s make some mobile games.

    I look forward to a sub-par gaming experience with the soulless Nintendo polish we’ve grown to love. Plus micro-transactions, ’cause money.

        • What is that? Why are you acting like that’s a thing?

          And i honestly thought you were referring to the “polish of soulless nintendo”, because I’ve never heard of their level of polish being referred to as anything short of loving.

          So go on.

  • My money is on an auto racer where you turn the Phone or Tablet to steer.

    Could be good for a quick game on the train or for kids to fall in love with Mario Kart like we all did back in the day.

  • This doesn’t sound like a game to me. Notice they deliberately uses the word “application”, not game. All games are applications, but not all applications are games.

    To me this sounds like some kind of supplementary thing for existing Mario kart games.

    • If it was, it would have come out with the game (MK8D). If it is some supplemental thing, it will be for Mario Kart 9. I however doubt this as if it was, it would be part of the Switch app which houses the Splatoon 2 stuff.

    • There’s a lot more mobile phones out there than there are switches.
      There is the potential to sell a lot of it, if its good, to a much wider audience.
      I don’t have a switch. And im not too keen on forking out $1000 on another console and a few games, a lot of those games ive ‘played before’ too.
      Id be happy to throw a small amount on a game like this if it’s decent, say $5-25 depending on the type of game.
      And who doesn’t love a bit of mario kart!
      But we shall see what comes out the other end ????

  • I have the feeling that the reason why they ported MK8 is because they don’t plan to make a new MK for the Switch, but rather, they’ll keep adding stuff to MK8D.

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