'Nintendo Guy' Is Excellent At Accepting Nintendo Awards

At yesterday's DICE Awards, Nintendo cleaned up. The Kyoto-based game company didn't send their development teams to the ceremony. Instead, it was up to one man to collect all the trophies. His name is Nintendo Guy.

[Image via IGN | YouTube]

Of course, that isn't his real name (it's Nate Bihldorff), but yesterday, it was. Bihldorff, who works as a localisation manager for Nintendo of America, appeared on stage repeatedly, giving a fitting and eloquent speech for each award he accepted.

After already appearing on stage a couple of times to accept awards, when Bihldorff went up to get the award for Snipperclips, he said, "Hi again. Sorry, I'm Nintendo guy for the night."

No, you are Nintendo Guy for forever.

Congrats to Nintendo and Nintendo Guy!


    Cool joke

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