Samsung Galaxy S9 Vs S8: What’s New?

Samsung Galaxy S9 Vs S8: What’s New?

You may have noticed S9 looks pretty much the same as the S8. Even the dimensions are the same.

But how do the two stack up against each other? Where are the real differences?

Sure, the screen is a bit brighter – but it’s still an AMOLED Infinity. The bezels are a bit smaller, but the screen is still a 18:9.

One of the stand out things you can see – since most of the changes are under the hood – is the location of the fingerprint sensor. It’s below the camera, instead of beside the camera lens – so you don’t have to worry about smudging it all the same.

Oh, and don’t worry – there’s still a headphone jack.


Hell yea, a headphone jack.


  • So it has a very slightly upgraded processor, two speakers, and a better camera. In every other way it’s functionally identical.

    Glad i didn’t wait for the 9.

  • Phones have reached the end of innovation. In the first years, you could upgrade every year and have noticeable improvements. Now you can go 2 or even 3 years with a good one.
    I’m running a pixel and will not be looking to upgrade until the pixel 3 or maybe 4 comes out.
    Everything is just small improvements to existing great stuff. Everything just a little bit better. Slightly better screen, slightly better camera, slightly more efficient.

    • The problem is that in terms for external form factor Apple and Sammy are just about touch perfection in terms of technical barriers.

      Internally everything is just spreadsheets made up of minor revisions and cliff notes due to pricing barriers.

      Software is the only area that real changes can happen and even then people get mad when Sammy changes anything radically from Google’s core software.

  • I’m due for a new phone later this year. From what I’ve read about the S9, I’m thinking I’d be better off getting an S8 since the price should be much lower than the S9 and there’s barely any difference in the specs anyway. I’ll probably wait and see what the Pixel 3 has to offer before making a decision.

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