Thinking About LGBTQ Students, Japanese School Institutes Uniform Freedom

A junior high school in Kashiwa, Chiba Prefecture is allowing students to mix and match uniforms how they please in an effort to be more aware of LGBTQ students' feelings.

[Image via IT Media]

Considering how some teens pick schools based on whether they like the uniforms or not, and many students dig uniforms, wearing the academic threads is less an issue than it would be to students in, say, America. Students want to wear uniforms.

What is the issue are the rigid gender definitions Japanese schools typically have regarding how uniforms are assigned and what students are traditionally expected to wear: Skirts and ribbons for girls, ties and slacks for boys.

IT Media reports the newly built Kashiwanoha Junior High is trying to create a more inclusive environment. Starting this autumn, students have the freedom to mix and match and pick which uniforms best suit them, whether that's a skirt and a ribbon, a skirt and a necktie, slacks and a ribbon, or slacks and a necktie. Anyone can wear whichever they like.


    Yeah well it bloody helps when their uniforms all look bloody cool to begin with.

    My legs would look amazing in that skirt.

      Hahaha Preach !

      Slay, Namiwakiru! hahah :D

    Meanwhile in Queensland, schools are in arguments over the specific style of dress shoes they're allowed to wear -_-

    Mega-downvotes incoming but I thought kotaku was a gaming blog and I'm curious what this has to do with gaming?

    Personally I don't care what kids are wearing I just want to see game related news

      It stopped being a gaming news site a long time ago. Its all weebs and political correctness with a bit of clickbait on the side. They need to move all that stuff to a different site and get this site back to gaming.

      It's been about more than just games for a long time.

      One trick is to not click on or comment on the stories you don't like, that just equals traffic and the more traffic the more those stories are posted.
      *cough* outrage stories and political pieces *cough*

      It's closer to being an otaku blog, thus the name, Kotaku.

      Things concerning Japan, manga, anime, and general nerd culture, are all reasonable things to expect to find here.

      Gaming and social justice

      They're even spoiling us with Kim Kardashian articles.

      Editorial team needs to drop the diversity requirement and stick to the core topic - just my opinion.

        Opinion noted. But I doubt the editorial staff are going to change seeing they've been doing exactly this successfully for years.

    Gender will be a thing of the past in 20 years.

    I'm for this but can we drop the lgbtq, and just say like tenderness clothing or something.
    I'm not against rights or anything like that but women wear pants all the time and that's fine in society, but if a guy wants to wear a skirt he must be transgendered?
    How about people just wear what they want.

      As someone who wears a Malay sarong around the house it would be great if the general public was more accepting of this item of clothing for blokes. On a hot day, free balling in a light cotton sarong is the way to go.

      This was my first thought reading this. What clothes you wear isn’t directly related to your sexuality.
      This is about letting students wear whatever they prefer, male, female or other, and it’s a great step forward.

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