What Are You Playing This Weekend?

The weekend is a great time for ploughing through deep, complicated single-player games. It's also a great opportunity to plough through enemy teams, mistakenly thinking they can charge my bombsite.

With the Oceanic servers for PUBG continually infested with hackers from regions near and afar, I've been enjoying the odd round of Counter-Strike again. It's also been good to just shoot some stuff with Tegan in the more casual modes, like Gun Game and the smaller maps with a single bombsite.

But there's more to explore on the weekend than just the odd bout of firefighting. Laser League has just gone into early access, a game I'm quietly keen for, and I'm looking forward to spending more time with Iconoclasts as well.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Mass Effect Andromeda - doing some loyalty missions. They are surprisingly good!

    Bravely Second - hopefully get to the final boss :-)

    Maybe some Future Tone (gotta keep making my way through the ridiculously huge track list).

      Finished Andromeda myself just the other week. Stay strong... and clear!

      Playing Metro Last Light now

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        That reminds me, I was looking through my steam library and saw that I apparently have 16 hours in Last Light..... And I can barely recall what actually happened. That's not to say it's bad, I absolutely love 2033 and I do recall enjoying Last Light. I guess what I'm really saying is I think I'll join you in a play-through to jog my memory ;-)

      I've got to get back into Bravely Second. I'm still in the Prologue and it feels so slow!

        You could do what I did - just set up all your characters with crazy melee, set combat to easy and fast forward your way through the slow bits :-P

          Yeah, I remember doing something similar when grinding jobs in the first one. I'll give it a lookin this weekend I reckon.

    Monster Hunter World is pretty much going to be my world.

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    Got Cities Skylines cheap on Steam so I'm letting my inner city planner out.

    Monster Hunter. Beat the main story on Monday night, and seem to be capped at HR29... might try to get past that terrifying-looking assignment that popped up - spent the last few days farming Nergi, so feeling a bit more prepared to face it.

    Might pick up Agents of Mayhem on sale,

    Shitty reviews but it looks fun enough, $10 on steam.

      It tries hard but can't quite generate it's own feel/vibe/aura the way that Saint's Row did.

      But for $10, it's worth a play-through.

    Having a BBQ with my band at my house on Saturday, so probably just some COD WW2 or NBA with my band mates.

    If I get a spare hour or 2, I'll try and squeeze in a few Wolfenstein: TNO missions. I am determined to avoid playing online/multiplayer games and get through a heap of my backlog of single player games!

    I wish Kotaku captioned their images with a game title... Luckily this one had a rather unique name in it so I found out it was Iconoclasts (which yes, it's mentioned in the article, but often there are a lot of games mentioned, and you have no idea which the image is taken from).

    Dragon Quest Builders for as long as the Switch battery will let me on my flight to being on holidays!

    Civ VI: Rise and Fall then some more Ass Cree Orgins - hit 90 hours this week, what am I doing with my life?!!!

    Want to finally start up MGS V (yes, I'm way behind! What of it?!) and will be fiddling with my new 3D printer every 8 to 20 hours when the previous print job ends.

      I've still got Deus Ex, Bioshock 1 and 2 and a bunch of other things to play. So don't feel bad.

    It'll probably be WoW for me. Completing the Argus campaign on characters and setting up order halls to make me a pile of gold before BfA. Our TV is broken, so all my PS4 stuff is on hold for now. Could do some Wii U stuff I've got though...

    A mate of mine decided recently that he was going to start streaming on Twitch, his hook is that he is really, really, REALLY bad at shooters. So I will likely be his sheep's for the weekend in PUBG, Tarkov and Killingfloor 2.

    Oh and hopefully some more Heavy Hitters, its quite a fun little board game.

    More Nier Automata.
    I've gotten 6 (2 of them proper story) endings so far, I need moar!

    BoTW. Started in Jan, just exploring, doing shrines (90 down) and side-missions.

    An awesome mix of Heroes of the Storm, Fortnite and Monster Hunter for me!

    Monster hunter until nino kuni 2 and far cry 5 come out ...
    can anyone tell me what the game in the picture is?

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