What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Sometimes, you just need something weird to occupy your weekend.

I've started working my way through the bizarre world of the above, which is one of the opening scenes in Membrane. It's really a physics-based platformer, but it's got an odd aesthetic to it all. But I'll have more to say about that later.

Beyond that, I'm prepping for a bit of a quiet weekend. I've played a little bit of Overwatch again, which I've missed, and I'm quietly pondering a bit of board gaming if people's schedules line up.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet :D

    Divinity: OS 2
    Xenoblade Chronicles 2
    Vanilla WoW dungeons
    and I should probably get further in Mario Xcom too...

      Mario xcom has some amazing payoff moments. Tom Phan is genius.

    Finished Wolfenstein: The New Order yesterday. Not bad at all, was certainly some great nostalgia moments there, but I think I'll take a break from that format before I play The Old Blood.

    So it's time for me to go back to and finish The Witcher 3 DLC.

    I'm in the final stages of MHW's story (I think) so I'm debating whether to take a break after having done a re-gearing grind for old mate Nerggers and engage in season 13 of Diablo 3 or just go full ham and kill all the things in MHW.

    Going through the PS Plus library. Will probably put time into Zombi, Grow Home and Nom Nom Galaxy

    Getting somewhat closer to the end of ME:A - passed 50% completion at least! - and enjoying its more exploratory nature.

    Finished Bravely Second and moved on to Dynasty Warriors Next on Vita. It's my first Dynasty Warriors game, and so far it seems... easy? A couple of tough bits like Lu Bu (which I understand is completely par for the course) but otherwise it's almost a cakewalk. I am enjoying the melodramatic voice acting and hair metal OST though!

    Watching Citrus as well. It is very good and sexy.

    Will finish the shadow of the colossus. Then probably start Firewatch

    Going to finish SotC and then get back to MHW. And maybe some Subnautica...

    Likely continue on the Batman origins
    Perhaps some space run
    I loaded up Sangfroid the other day and man I had forgotten how much I love that opening music. Have the final mission to complete in that so just a matter of finding the time to plan it all out

    WoW more than likely. I'm driving to and from Clare on Sunday, so I reckon I'll give Bravely Second another crack. Still without a TV, so my PS4 is lying there dormant.

    Will check out Batman Arkham VR and continue working through The Evil Within II which is turning out to be a brilliant love child of OG Resident Evil 1 & 2 and Silent Hill 2.

    Horizon Zero Dawn. Just started it today, loving it so far.

    Batman: The Enemy Within. And maybe a bit of Mario Odyssey.

    Ok I'm a little behind the times and loved far cry3 and recently got 4 on the steam Chinese new year sale. Am I alone in thinking it's pretty meh. Even the bad guy seems like a poor copy of vars

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