What Are You Playing This Weekend?

80 hours in, and with a likely 80 more to go, I'm glad I've got this bloke for a companion.

The entitled, arrogant Red Prince is one of my party members for my Divinity: Original Sin 2 playthrough, which I've been thoroughly enjoying pre and post-injury. I've got a party with a rogue and three spellcasters, but the Red Prince is the one that gets up close and personal.

While setting everything around him on fire. While my other two casters (enchanters, specifically) specialise in air and water magic.

It's not a completely coherent build, to be frank. But it's working! And I'm having a lot of fun scything through the opposition with spell after spell after spell.

So I'll be putting a bit of time into that this weekend, plus a little bit more of PUBG. But what about yourselves - what are you playing this weekend?


    Probably some more Nier. Just finished my full playthru last week and started over again.

    Been trying to master that high jump that you can keep linking to jump higher and higher. Seen YouTube vids of ppl doing it but haven’t been able to keep linking the jumps.

    Can anyone share the button inputs for a PS controller?

    Anyway that’s my plan this weekend, oh and maybe a little HITMAN™ patient zero!

    Probably a bit of ticket to ride
    Continuing to work through Hand of fate 2. Might even have another crack at that Ogre who has been messing me up good and proper
    I also still have a Civ VI game on the go from my holiday break so might get a bit of that in

      That ogre was tough but having the blacksmith helps.

      I was going to play some today but an error corrupted my save game and I lost all progress. ????

    Still working on ELEX and STRAFE! Almost every time I play STRAFE I find some new kind of secret! That game is nuts!

      Just checked how much time I've put in to each. 24 hours on STRAFE so far.
      77 on ELEX, and I still haven't even chosen a faction yet! Still got more missions to complete before I take that step! No idea what the final time count will be yet!

    Elite Dangerous, doing some exploring in my new acquired ASP slowly grinding away to try and get my 'Conda.

    Zelda: Breath of the Wild
    Super Mario Odyssey
    Nier: Automata
    MLB the show 17
    Weekend is not long enough...

    Started playing Furi last night so I'll be jumping in that. Also this week I went into Gravity Rush 2 to collect those dusty tokens so I might jump in and try unlock another costume in game. Finally going to head back into HZD and try out NG+ because I upgraded to a PS4 Pro and want to relive the game in beautiful 4K.

    Jumping back into p1999 with my brother. Also getting some solid Squad playtime in before the major update hits.

    Super Mario Odyssey. Just messing around collecting moons. Might get back into Assassins Creed origins but I'm feeling a but over that. See how i go.

    Finish BoTW so that I can then go on to finish Yakuza 0, FFXV, D:OS2, HZD, and Nier.

    Just fiinished the Witcher 3 main story so turning to Dishonoured before returning to the DLC

      Haha, I did that exact same thing! I finished The Witcher 3 about 6 months ago and then played Dishonoured (both outstanding games). I'm yet to go back and finish the DLC, though it will be fabulous when I do thanks to my new Xbox One X!

    Just got my replacement dreamcast and my OSSC so will try hooking that up and finally get around to playing shenmue

    Probably some Rocket League, and I bought Witcher 3 earlier... so that may take a chunk of time.

    Also pretty sure that Farming Simulator, Torchlight and PUBG will get a look in at some point.

    Hmmm... so many games, so little time! I think my lineup this weekend will include: they are billions, Divinity 2, some Escape from Tarkov (for as long as my heart can take it), and perhaps some Rimworld.

    The problem with Rimworld for me, is that a whole day can pass by Without me noticing, one minute it’s 10:00am, the next it’s 10:00pm. 12 hours disappear just like that, and it feels like a bit of a waste of time... so I am always scared to boot it up.

    gonna finish the witcher in 4k. i loved the witcher ages ago and finished it in 1080p. But with the random 150mb update to the game which makes it 4k on the ps4pro im gonna thrash it.

    Another busy weekend with a wedding to attend, I think I'd be lucky if I've clocked up more than 10 hours of game time since before Christmas.

    If I do get some spare time, I'll continue working through Wolfenstein: The New Order.

    Doki Doki Literature Club... if I can bring my self to actually get past the load screen.

    Finished all the Zelda BOTW DLC last night. Now to spend some time playing hammerwatch in hand held mode.

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