What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I’ve been playing a lot of Dota 2 recently. And I’m not very good. I’m still re-learning what most of the heroes do — even though I’ve got almost 300 hours invested in the game, I basically stopped playing it for three years. Or something like that.

I’m playing Ranked Play. And losing. A lot. But you know what? I’m still having a blast.

I’ll undoubtedly be squeezing in a little more Dota over the weekend. But something I’ll also be giving a whirl is Scythe, a 1920’s steampunk board game that any Civilization fan will feel right at home with. It’s expensive as far as board games go — $170 — but by God it’s quality.

You’ll probably read more about that on Monday.

What will you be playing this weekend? And would anyone like to party up in Dota?


      • There are a couple of copies floating around Canberra and a couple of regular board game groups where it’s likely someone would try to bust it out. Yet somehow I just haven’t had a chance to play it.

  • What time I do have I’ll probably be finishing off the last championships in Forza Horizon 2. Might see if I can squeeze in some ReCore as well.

    Edit: Just remembered I’ve got Inside on my Xbone and I haven’t even started on it yet. So I might fire that up before I start ReCore.

    • How long have you spent with Recore? I’ve just jumped in and I like it so far. Curious to see how long it’s going to take me to get through it

      • Honestly I’m not sure. I’ve been playing in solid chunks since it was released but I keep running off and getting distracted hunting collectables and doing the secondary dungeon objectives. It feels like the sort of game that would go really quickly if you just follow the story from point to point. I think even if you did that it’d be short and sweet rather than just short.

  • Playing through the Bioshock collection, and also playing legion with friends. Gearing up to prepare for the first raid, haven’t gotten properly stuck into raids at launch since wrath. Pugged the expansions since, but with legion 6 close friends have returned to the game and are quite happy with it, so back to the old days of making my own group.

  • Had my Vive for a week now, so will be doing some instructional Vids and playing a chunk of VR 😀

    Having a BLAST playing Onward atm, VR FPS mil sim while a little buggy its amazing heart racing fun.

  • I am foresaking games this weekend, because my partner and I both bought paint-by-numbers sets, and they have been consuming so much of our time lately. Gosh, feel like such an old person….

  • Kinda enamoured with WoW atm, so will be playing a fair bit of that – Outlands are a bit of a slog, but will likely make my way it to Northrend sometime tomorrow. Maybe some Deus Ex, maybe some Destiny…

  • Shadow Hearts Covenant

    Won’t be getting Dragon Quest VII til Monday at the earliest. Thanks for this Saturday releases, Ninty. SO CONVENIENT.

  • Ploughing through Project Diva X on Vita, thought I’d broken the back of it and then saw that I need to do cloud challenges after beating all the songs on extreme. Oh well, I was grinding for modules anyway.

    Deus Ex Human Revolution Director’s Cut – nearing the end of playthrough one, and will then go back to platinum it.

    Amnesia Memories – finished it and now going through to get all the endings and do the mini-games etc.

  • NBA 2K17 Whoooooooooo !!!! (pre ordered for early play)

    and due to @alexwalker discussing DOTA2 on this article a few weeks ago, I tried it for the first time. I am 17 hours in and I must say……………..WTF am I doing??????. I’ve only been playing BOT matched against the hard difficulty bots, the team seems to win most of the time so I assume I am doing something right. I also end up with more kills than deaths more often then not, so I guess that’s good as well. Still to scared to play against real people though (I guess its probably due to the stigma I have heard around the community).

    so i’ll be smashing out 2k17 (ps4) mostly, but with some head smashing against the wall of dota in between when I feel like some self punishment.

    • Aye, it’d be a nice ‘project’ to learn as a group I reckon. Maybe some experienced players can help out those of us who wouldn’t know where to start.

      • agreed, I have the overall gist of the lanes, but the finer points elude me (I am completely lost when it comes to jungling) and trying to remember which chars to use for what situation is soooooooo mind blowing. Then there is the whole builds and….and ……and………

        sorry I hyperventilated a bit.

        As you can tell any help at all would be a good start for me

          • haahahaa, I love that idea (@markserrels it practically writes itself)

            my username on steam is the same as on here (Steed1080) if you want to add me and we can lose together 😉

          • I’m looking at doing something of that sort down the road, although I suspect if my MMR tanks below 1000 (which is entirely possible given how things are going) that might be the starting point.

            I was looking at NBA 2K17 too but it’s not playable on PC until next week.

          • That sounds awesome, your already leaps and bounds ahead of me……..I’ve yet to get out of the bot matches lol. Any tips/features you can write or assistance you can provide would be awesome.

            Maybe we could/should start a TAY or KOTAKU DOTA group.

            Just a bit of warning with NBA 2k on PC, it tends to be buggy as all hell, doesn’t get the updates that the console versions get and the online is usually completely screwed. I had 2k13 on PC and it looked sooooo much better than on consoles but it was just a complete mess. They might have fixed/tweaked it a bit since then (I know 2k15 on PC was just as bad as a mate had it) but I just thought I’d warn you.

          • I would be happy to run you folks through a DOTA primer. I’ve been playing Dota (starting with All Stars) since 2005(ish), currently sitting around 3.2k MMR, mostly because I like clowning around too much to seriously raise my ranking.

            Have you guys read Purge’s beginner guides? I have heard they are super-useful for people starting out. https://purgegamers.true.io/g/dota-2-guide/

          • @cffndncr (cant reply to a reply sorry).

            Thanks for the heads up with the guide, looks pretty detailed and aimed at the kind of level I’m at (noob). I’d be keen to play some rounds with an experienced player once I’ve had a read of the guide and put it into practice so I’m not still asking basic questions and am more aiming at game flow type questions. My username is the same as on here (Steed1080) for steam and ps4 if you want to add me.

            I’ll probably be playing 2k17 more/mostly over this weekend but I’ll still squeeze in a few rounds of dota.

            Thanks again.

          • I’d play Dota with you, but I’m closer to 3k than 1k mmr :s

            I do have a friend with only 1 mmr though, so I’m sure you can do better than that 🙂

          • Yeah. My party MMR is around 2700 and I suspect with a bit more time my solo MMR will creep back up. I’m not incompetent with RTS games in general — I had two accounts in GM for Starcraft back in the day — but it’s just a matter of getting all that base knowledge back in my head.

  • Witcher 3.- wow this game is open world done right. When you get distracted and go off chasing the next “?” it’s impossible to be annoyed at yourself, cause the game just has so much to offer. I really like how varied the quests are (only level 8) at this stage too. Just played hide and seek before work, witcher senses are cheating really…

    Stranger in sword city – quality blobber on a handheld nuff said.

  • I’ll probably spend some time with BioShock but mostly I want to try and know something older off my Xbox hard drive, so maybe Wolfenstein the Old Blood.

  • Going to keep chipping away at Recore. I’m enjoying it so far.

    Also reading through/prepping Storm King’s Thunder (giants are the best)

    • I’m only 17 hours in and I can see why people have thousands of hours racked up on this game. I feel like I might have a general idea and be somewhat/semi competent in maybe another 100 hours or so 😉

        • sorry for the late reply, the weekend seriously got away from me and I had no time to get online (other than a few games of 2k17). I’ll send a request later on.

          cheers for the offer.

    • yeah i’ll be playing 2k flat out (after a trip to the pub tonight with a mate from interstate). I generally just play the my player/offline stuff for the first week or so until the servers are stable enough. Mind you PS4 is a lot better than PC, I had 2k13 on PC and that was…..lets just say I wont buy a NBA2k game on PC again anytime soon, sure was pretty though.

    • sorry for double reply, but do you have a online league you generally play in ?

      my old faithful group has dropped off over recent years and the mod/admin isn’t even running a league this year due to exceptionally low numbers.

      • nah sorry i play myplayer and the association gm mode, don’t play online besides the odd quick game here and there.

        • That’s cool, if you ever want to take your myplayer online (blacktop or pro am etc) let me know and we can team up. username is the same as on here if your keen.

          enjoy the game mate.

          • sorry for late reply mate, stupid real life getting in the way of gaming time over the weekend.

            Yeah they have been good so far as I can tell, no issues at my end. Mostly just played my player, but played one quick game online and checked out My Park features (no games just looked around) and haven’t had any issues. I didn’t get to play as much as I would have liked due to real life getting in the way, but overall seems like a solid launch (which is a surprise given recent history), I’m not hearing of any connection issues/complaints as yet from around the place.

            Did you end up getting 2k17 on the PC ??? (I think I saw it had unlocked over the weekend)

  • Dragon Age: Inquisition. Surprise!!!!

    This game never ends. 🙁

    Besides that, Far Cry 4. Might even start Metro: Last Light.

    Yes, i amm gonna burn a big hole in my shame pile before I buy any new games.

  • Well I would like to say – BF4, rocket league, maybe some journey on the PS4 (which has been gathering dust since dark souls 3) Get stuck into the witcher, but who am I kidding – it’s going to be Rimworld and Rimworld alone. It is like crack for me, I have over 50 hours and I’ve had it for a week…

  • I still cannot stop playing Overwatch. Been diving into season 2 pretty hard, but finding it harder to win in a solo queue so let me know if there are any fans here who would like to group up.

  • A few matches of Paragon & still running through Yakuza 5. There’s just so much to do in that game, love it.

  • Well, last night I jumped on destiny to try and grab a gun from the gunsmith that I could roll to be like my beast of a Red Hand IX from year one . I was expecting to be on for maybe 5 minutes before bed and I got dragged into a raid with some friends … so probably that.

  • Recently jumped on the Overwatch bandwagon thanks to the free weekend, so probably that.

    Thinking about starting Akiba’s Trip…

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