What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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It's the weekend. Hurrah! And it's also a long weekend, which is the perfect opportunity to work through things that are a little longer.

Unsurprisingly, I won't actually be doing a great deal of gaming over the long weekend. I'm going on a quick tour of the Hunter on the Saturday, and on the Monday I'll be spending my time playing some longer board games. Codenames, Dixit and Scythe will all get a run, although I'm kind of keen to give Splendour and Camel Up a bit of a go as well.

Should the opportunity arise, I'll probably carry on with a little bit of Dota 2. I've also been messing around with my CronusMAX Pro to see how well mouse and keyboard works for Destiny: Rise of Iron. It's hardly 1:1 movement, but so far the controls are functional.

What are you playing this weekend?


    WA had our long weekend last week, I do wish we had another one already. I'll probably play a bit more Clockwork Empires, trying to teach my militia that using lightning guns in the town is a bad idea. And Ill probably continue my playthrough of FFV.

    I played Scythe and Captain Sonar on the weekend and are trying to get another session of games in on this Sunday. Not sure what we'll be playing but I'm taking Codenames and Village in the hopes that I can convince everyone else to take part in some quaint deathmurdery worker placement.

    Probably zerging through Witcher 3 and Mirror's Edge Catalyst, as I just worked out why they were playing so horribly on my Steam Link (GOG Galaxy and Origin game overlays destroy Steam streaming, it seems).

    Some mix of Darkest Dungeon, XCOM 2 and Dragon Quest VII mostly.

      I just started with Darkest Dungeon last night so looking forward to getting back into that. Feel super nostalgic playing it, great feel.

    Dragon Quest VII &/or Pillars of Eternity.

    Also, probably some multi stuff at @gutsoup residence.

    Forza Horizon 3! First "new" game I've bought close to launch since Doom and I plan to play the balls off of it. I installed it overnight and had a quick go this morning (until the game got through the tutorials and allowed me to get into free roam at which point I felt like I could safely quit without losing progress). Looks great, feels great to play. I sort of burned through FH1 over the course of about a week after it went free on Games With Gold but was in a hurry to finish it and move on. Never played FH2, but FH3 already feels substantially different, love the idea that you're the one "in charge" of the exhibition. I can see myself spending a lot of time with this one.

      Oh! You bought Forza Horizon 3? So what are your thoughts on the current political position of Australia?

        I think it stinks, thanks for asking. I'm glad we could engage in discourse without limiting ourselves to one specialised topic like some kind of insect.

    Zack & Wiki. It's one of those games I just didn't buy for the wii, even though it's totally my bag. I always wanted to correct that, and now is the time.

    Also some tatsunoko vs capcom.

    Forza Horizon 3 for me. And finishing a 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle

    Hatsune Miku Project Diva X on Vita. It's awesome.

    History - Legends of War: Patton's Campaign on Vita.

    Deux Ex Human Revolution Director's Cut (PS3).

      I got the Do Sex Humane Revolting.

      Didn't get far, but I'll go back.

    Might jump back in to Lego Dimensions. Also Destiny and Diablo 3.

    star trek 25 anniversary is cheap on gog
    after the article on kotaku about the game a few weeks ago it's time to try it out :)

    Destiny: Rise of Iron (hopefully getting enough light levels to do the strikes) and Forza Horizon 3

    I am tossing between xcom 2 and gta v, both on ps4. I am open to suggestion (and ridicule).

      Enjoy XCOM! Great game.

        Thanks I will! I am a huge fan of the original, I am a bit worried about this one as i read that I can no longer taking the cautious approach on every mission. Oh well, i suppose I can loose a few dozen man

    The same thing we do every night Pinky. Try to take over the World!...of Warcraft.

    X-com on PS4! X-com! The greatest com in the world! X-com! Woo!

      Nope. Nihon Falcom is the best com in the world: Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky.

        I had to look that up. I've heard of Ys but I don't even know what it ys.

        Next someone will come up and say Infocom is the best com in the world. Com-pletely ridiculous.

        I challenge you to com-bat. I will win because I'm a tactical.

        Edit: Then you'll be.... X-com-municated.

        Last edited 30/09/16 3:21 pm

          I'll raise you a Compile Heart ;-)

          Compa is just the cutest:


    Been getting into GTA V online with a friend. Good fun! Kinda wish a few more friends could play though, the heists are mostly 4-person and it takes some time to find random players. Spend a lot of time in the lobby to get matched up with someone half a world away, likely resulting in minor rubber banding. Still, awesome fun when you do get a heist together.

    Also playing Legion, dailies etc... Working on unlocking the hidden artifact skin for feral druids.

    May attempt to finish the Bioshock remaster if I have time. if!

    Destiny - the changes to SIVA offering drops in yesterday's patch sound like it could be viable to just hop in with a bunch of randoms and get enough keys dropping to just run them ad nauseum. Or until the postmaster fills up, I suppose. Might even be doing some raiding for fun (a novel concept, after the last ten days of frantic levelling).

    On my second leg of the Bioshock re-release on Xbox One, trudging through Bioshock 2 and hopefully start a Bioshock Infinite playthrough. Might do a few races on Forza Horizon 3 too.

    Board game weekend for me. Takenoko and Imperial Settlers are on the list.

    If I get time, I'll play a bit of Bioshock

    Getting this damn exotic pulse rifle from the raid for Destiny.

    I finished thenmain story of Dragon Age Inquisition last weekend. This weekend I plan to tackle the 3 DLC's and then install the game. 120+ hours. Its the first game I have played for this long.

    If I can manage it, I will squeeze in Far Cry 4 and Mirror's Edge. However, Mirror's Edge leaves me feeling a bit frustrated with myself. So we will see.

      Wait, you completed Dragon Age 3, without installing it!?

        Uninstall it*
        Was commenting from work and on my phone. Sue me! :p

    Was thinking of jumping back into GTA V but only if I can taker myself away from BF4 for long enough

    Well, Getgaming game rental is back, so I have No Mans Sky in my hands! I started playing earlier this week, and will probably spend the weekend playing too. I quite like it, but can see the problems that others have mentioned in the numerous articles/discussion that have been had. I am still not sure I want to actually buy the game, will see after the weekend I guess.

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