What Are You Playing This Weekend?

The weekend is a great time to knock through some games, but it's also a good opportunity to go for a little drive.

That's what I'll be doing with Tegan, at any rate, making a little trip to the Blue Mountains. I think the plan at this stage is to hit up the nearby caves — Tegan's never been, I haven't been in a while — so that'll be a fun break from the city, working, and just a good opportunity to listen to some podcasts on the way.

I'll still inevitably end up playing a game or two either side of the drive, though:

Still a bit gutted about being rolled by "Big Mick", but it's my fault for sucking. It's at least nice to see everyone on the Australian leaderboards playing fair, instead of just playing the first or second round match, restarting the tournament, and then continuing to rack up wins against people who don't know what they're doing.

What are you playing this weekend?


    In the mood for some AI driven, Neo-Noir, Choose your own adventure......Detroit: Become Human.

    Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I've had it for 2 weeks and finally took down the last Divine Beast I needed.
    Also going to be playing some WoW to level up some characters so I have 1 of everything at 110 for BfA. And for my multiplayer gaming it'll be Overwatch

    Will continue on with Heavy Rain. Controls are a little weird, but so far I think it's something I'll really get into.

    Boight wolvenstein on the switch yesterday, started the download, then headed out to watch ant man.

    Solid fun movie, but tonight it's back to killing nazis.

    I bought Tyranny and (finally - after being nagged by friends for an eternity) Stellaris this week so going to be dipping into one of them.

    Apparently, playing Tyranny as an absolute a-hole is very viable (which bucks the usual trend whereby you usually miss out on stuff), so that sounds like the cathartic release needed after recently moving house and dealing with our awesome telco/utility companies! ;D

    Meant to add, was going to get ‘Ys’ on the switch which i believed released today, but reviews before release are saying the port is dodgy af but should be fixed by a day 1 patch - have you guys/girls heard/seen anything? Might wait if it’s still bad as Octopath is out next week anyway - just want to support these sort of games coming to switch...

    I'm currently playing through the Witcher 3 for the first time. The story's alright but the combat and controls (Why is it so hard to target an interactive item!?) are a bit naff and exploration isn't that exciting, mostly the typical "Bandits and lootables" affair that's standard for WRPGs. I'm still enjoying it though and will probably stick through to the end.

      Yeah, I'd agree with that. Combat was nothing to write home about and exploration was pretty boring. Good thing the story is epic.

    Continuing my MGSV play-through. Think I need to stop doing side ops and start focusing on the main missions.

    Whatever I get time to play. Been playing the crap out of Shadow Complex Remastered. Got it free thanks to AGDQ a few years back (Epic had it up for free during a run and I jumped on the chance to nab it) and never played it. Enjoying it as I'm in a Metroidvania mood. But once that's done, I'm going back to Homeworld to finish that up. Currently on the Bridge of Sighs mission and I have a game plan to make that mission easy as pie and just nab and retire all the Taiidan ICFs with Salvage corvettes.

    what game is that in the first picture? anyone know?

      It's Horizon Chase Turbo. It's on Steam and PS4 supposedly.

    All the E3 hype for Kingdom Hearts 3 convinced me to have a look into the series, so picked up the first collection and I'm plodding through the first game.

    I was always put off because I didn't want another turn based JRPG sitting on my shelf, not getting played. Was pretty chuffed when I found out it was an action RPG.

    Picked up absolver with psplus. Played about half an hour so far. Not sure about it. Combat doesn’t feel great. But I’ll prbably give it some more time this weekend and see.

    God. Of. War.

    All the Midgard Valkyries are down. Now just mopping up collectables (which kinda sucks, tbh... running around empty maps looking for Artifact sets is pretty naff), but will probably finish the game tonight and move into Nilpheim next.

    There is so much joy to be had getting good at this game ????

    Arkham Origins, then Yoku's Island Express.

      Controversial opinion: I enjoyed Orgins more than any of the Rocksteafy made Batman games

    R6 Siege. It is such a great game

    Mount & blade: Warband and Brutal legend
    Gonna party like its 2010

    Updating SC to see how much progress has occurred since my last poke around. Need to finish my DSr one bro run, just Chaos and Gwyn left. Might also try to fit in some Hunt Showdown now that the new update has dropped.

    Some Destiny2 and then back to my Minecraft (Sevtech) save.

    Jurassic World: Evolutuon. It’s the kind of game that I’m thinking about in my non-gaming hours too.

    Another weekend test for Post Scriptum is up so I'll be playing that.

    Hollow knight and motogp18 on Switch.

    Ride 2 on PS4. Got it for $18 the other day. I didn’t realise it’s the old school gran Turismo on two wheels. Top game.

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