What Are You Playing This Weekend?

The weekend is a perfect opportunity for sailing the high seas, and plundering ancient civilisations.

Most of my weekend won't actually be video game related; one of Tegan's best friends is in town, and so we'll be spending a large part of the break catching up. But in between that, there's plenty of opportunity to relearn the Age of Empires ropes, with the remaster launching on Monday.

Other than that, I've been playing a good deal of Counter-Strike again. Can't say it's always been a wonderful experience, especially given that I solo queue a lot. The quality of teammates ... varies. I'll say that much.

But what about yourselves? What are you playing this weekend?



    It... has me.

      I've felt tempted to get into that. Listening to them talk about it on Podquisition at the moment.

    Almost finished Bravely Second (up to the last side quest before the final boss).

    Finished Drack's side quest in Mass Effect Andromeda. There seems to be an endless number of things to do in this game!

    Fat Princess (by request) with the kids.

    After a busy week of not being able to play games I'm looking forward to getting through some more HR quests in Monster Hunter World.

    Just got Soma for $10 on Steam so I'll be preparing a bleach infused water bucket for washing my unmentionables for afterwards as these sort of games usually scare me shitless!

      I'm jealous, SOMA is a fantastic game with an extremely well built atmosphere. I wish I could play it for the first time again :(

    I’m starting The Witcher 3!

      It can feel like it starts slow, so if you find yourself wondering what all the hype is about in the first 30 minutes or so, it gets better. Much better.

        yeah White Orchard is pretty slow and so is Velen until you start the Bloody Baron quest chain and then the game really picks up Especially once you get to Novigrade and start Danelions Chain

        Thanks Grunt, i'll stick it out! Feel like i've finally got a window to dive in. Pretty pumped!

    Proud father moment for me this week, my 4 1/2 year old son is now into playing Xbox with me (my 6 y.o. girl is currently not all that interested). He loves playing Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime and LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga, so there will be some more of that this weekend.

    I'll be trying to finish off Wolfenstein: The New Order, only have a few chapters left. Then it's either onto The Witcher 3 DLC, Fallout 4 or Just Cause 3 (both about 50% through).

    Nothing really planned game wise. If I get some time ilely trying to knock over another couple of mission in Hand of fate 2

    Gonna give Doom VFR a go on psvr. Haven’t heard great things, but it’s doom in vr. I couldn’t not get it.

    Trying to finish Horizon Zero Dawn. Will also try fit in some Overwatch and WW2 (haven’t played a cod game since BLOPS1, but this has its hooks in me )

    Hopefully kicking off some 3 player action of the remake of secret of mana with my wife and brother.
    Reliving childhood snes games ftw.

    Finally managed to get a vibe for Ultra Sun, so plan to knock some more of that out, hopefully at least get Necrozma.

    And of course I plan to get reacquainted with my number 1 gal, and all round bad witch, Bayonetta!

      At the final throes of BoTW after an intensive month / six weeks! Just two more shrines, Ganon, and maybe a quick cheat Google-search of any interesting side-quests I may have missed. I also haven’t seemed to have come across the Hylian shield, what gives! Not going after those 900 Korok seeds! 180 is more than enough for me!

      I’ll probably than whip around and polish off the 2017 Switch games I haven’t yet finished - Mario and Rabbits, Mario Kart (I’m not counting Odyssey, only 3 moons left and I’m not skipping that damn rope or playing bloody volleyball!) - before I look to send it back in to fix a display issue while still in warranty before the good 2018 games come out (is Kirby gonna be any good?).

    Forza 7 in pure 4k glory. Finally get my tv tomoz after waiting 6 weeks!! Never buy from Harvey Norman!!!!!
    Had Scorpio and F7 for ages and have not been tempted to play in anything other than 4k.
    And a shitload of pinball tonight at Pixel Alley!!!!

    Subnautica for me. Currently obsessed with the game and looking forward to diving deeper and meeting new things that want to kill me!

      Fantastic! Doing the same after watching the entire playthrough on Jacksepticeye's Youtube channel last weekend! Amazing game

      Yep, I'm into Subnautica too! Fantastic game. Very well made.

      I started a new playthrough of this last week, and am enjoying it now the game is more complete! (Not that I didn't enjoy it a year or so ago, but story mode!) I'm up to the stage where I need more Magnetite, but in order to upgrade my stuff to go deeper and get more magnetite, I need more Magnetite! Fun times.

    They are billions.
    Most time i've spent on an RTS since CNC.

    Got a flight to Europe, perfect time for Bayonetta to come out on the Switch!

    My 12 year-old nephew has finally convinced me to give Hearts of Iron IV a go. I gifted it to him for his birthday late last year after I had introduced him to Europa Univeralis IV the year before. The kid is completely obsessed with both of them, but I'd never been able to get my head around the differences between these 2 Paradox games.

    I started the tutorial last night - I'm still bewildered by it, but I'm resisting the urge to go back to EU4 this time.

    Incidentally, he's just started high-school and they've already bumped him to accelerated learning for history. He claims that EU4 is responsible for much of his knowledge, because it motivated him to study the aspects of the game that intrigued him. Truthfully, he was always obsessed with history, so I doubt that EU4 really influenced him all that much, but it's nice to have a game that is both fun to play and that can be fuel for the kid's passions.

    Either way, I'm super proud of him!

    Oxygen Not Included got a jobs update this week I think, so maybe some of that just to see what is new. And the DLC for Offworld Trading Company is on sale this week in the Steam Sale, so hmm. Maybe... but otherwise Subnautica and TF2. If I feel like Civ VI maybe a "quick" game of that too.

    Going to try and get this game of Civ VI: Rise And Fall that I've been playing all week knocked over. Other than that, finally getting my teeth into MHW high rank and possibly Bayonetta on Switch if I pick that up while I'm at the movies tomorrow.

    Late to the party however some Fortnite BR, superhot VR ( soooo good) and if time permits, start The Evil Within II ... cheap on PS store right now.

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