What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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The weekend is an excellent opportunity to unwind, relax, and hit some things. Balls, specifically.

I've been catching up with AO Tennis over the past 48 hours, following its release in Australia and New Zealand on Tuesday. I'm playing on Xbox, mind you, which as of this morning is still missing the in-game career mode. Hopefully that gets patched in soon.

As for the rest of the weekend, I'll be doing some hiking (and swimming) on the Sunday. Not a video game related activity, but very wholesome nonetheless.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Going to be switching between (no pun intended) Shovel Knight, Super Meat Boy and Overwatch.

    Thinking about picking up Axiom Verge but still on the fence. I have heard good things but not sure I'll be into it, despite Metroidvania being my absolute 'go to' genre.

    Probably just cave and buy it.

      I really enjoyed Axiom Verge. Admittedly, I'm not a pro when it comes to Metroidvanias, but this was a really good place for me to start. The art and the soundtrack are top notch.

    Hunting down the rest of the power moons in super mario odyssey, and some skyrim and doom on switch (if they turn up in the mail today). If not I just picked up nine parchments and oxenfree, so I might give those a bash as well.

    Finished Mario Odysseys story so taking a break from moon collecting.

    XC2 is next on my list. Played about 15 hours and loving it so far. Not too grindy and avoiding the side quests which are pretty much just fetch quests thus far. Once you unlock the various mechanics the game clicks.

    Also my baby has started his "swimming" lessons which is really just him being carried around in the water but he loves it and I'm enjoying it immensely.

    Bit of Elite Dangerous, a bit of The Stick Of Truth.

    Tennis mania also inspired me to buy Everybody's Tennis while it's on sale for about 6 bucks on PSN, so I guess I'll play a bit of that, too. Seems fun so far, a bit like Anna Kournikova Smash Court Tennis on PS1, which is one of my all-time favourites.

      I might hop in to the beta and take a look at the new Alliance Chieftain. Had a little time out of ED but starting to get the itch for the black again...

        I got myself an Asp Explorer which I'm liking a lot. It looks like a big financial jump from there up to the next kind of size ships. Looks like it'll take a while! I'm torn between wanting to keep moving and see different parts of the galaxy and wanting to stay in one place long enough to get my standing with a faction or two high enough that I can get some of the more lucrative missions.

        Mostly loving it so far, though.

          AspX's great for multirole and it'll do you for a while. It's worth engineering that FSD, can easily get 40+ly out of it, and with maximum engineering nearer 50ly. It's ok in a scrap, a brilliant explorer and good at trading, mining and passengers.

          One handy trick, store up that exploration data and sell it when you need the faction rep - about 8 million in data sold makes you allied with the controlling faction so you can get the $$$ missions.

          From there most people get a T7 to grind some trade cash or save for the Python, probably the most versatile ship in the galaxy. Or go the Dolphin -> Orca passenger route. :)

    Factorio - I want to finish my current game (well, launch the rocket) before Monster Hunter launches next week, and I'm nearly done. Probably some Division with mates, as well - they really managed to turn that game around.

    Super Mario moon hunting, finishing off the Battlefront 2 campaign and maybe dipping my toe in the multiplayer (I'm so bad but at least when I die I'm dying in Star Wars), a bit of competitive Mario Kart 8 against some young children (winning not guaranteed) and trying to finish off the Telltale Game of Thrones game (up to Episode 4).

    Sleeping dogs definitive edition, must be my 3rd or 4th play through of the series so far, great story and just something comforting about the hong kong city.

    Might also play abit of doom, had completed a 1/2 playthrough but save got corrupted, now past that part and actually onto new stuff, have it switched to vulkan mode and its running a treat.

      Why don't you have a pork bun in your hand?

      Love that game. So disappointing they started developing that spin-off MMO (which got cancelled in the end anyway) instead of a sequel.

        Also the guy when you leave the fashion stores


        Definitive version is fun, lots more people around and things to do, bought a few of the super powerfull outfits but haven't used them, just going to dress wei up with different face level stuff as i go along.
        Fair few outfits found in the blue stash boxes too.

        Only annoying thing about the fashion is loosing track of what shop has what and revisiting stores all the time.

        Have also found a good way to clear the camera missions, just get in a car and do doughnuts :D

      I've had Sleeping Dogs definitive edition sitting in my backlog for 2-3 years now. I've heard nothing but good things about it, so I'll need to get around to playing it some day!

        If you are even a casual fan of Hong Kong action or crime flicks you'll love it :-)

      Re: DOOM. I had a corrupted save file too on PS4, right near end . Will go back to it one day, but boy that pissed me off. One Save slot..the hell?

        I had a power outage and it shat itself, did a 2nd play through all the way up to almost where i was and then a huge 8gig patch so i sat on it for awhile.

        Shame as its just so fun

        Game was crashing but i put it on vulkan mode and its been going good ever since.

      One of the cooler open world sandboxes :)

    Tomb Raider: Underworld - Beneath The Ashes DLC. And then The Last of Us.

    Horizon Zero Dawn second playthrough (with Frozen Wilds content for the first time...) on Very Hard, and I'm really enjoying it. Challenging but not frustrating.

    Mass Effect Andromeda - combing my way through Eos at the moment. Probably ready to move on with the story with Vanguard Shep... I mean, Ryder.

    Bravely Second - about 50 hours in, almost got an airship (I think). Looking forward to being able to traverse the world map without having to find beaches to land on.

    Maybe some Octodad or Overcooked with the kids.

    Finishing Rise of the Tomb Raider and then moving on to... something. I am currently cycling between Jak III, Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online and Cosmic Heroine so we'll see where the pointer lands.

    TLOU. Doing a collectible trophy run. Mid Pittsburg on hard mode. Loving every minute. Gonna game plus after this. Probably my seventh playthrough.

    Such a comforting/terrifying game.

    Honestly just glad I’ve passed the hotel basement. Gives me a heart attack every time. At least ND were kind enough to leave collectibles out of most of the areas you’re likely to shit your pants and leave them behind ;)

    Why has no review of AO Tennis come out yet? You guys love singing the praises of Aussies games when they are hits (I am still making my way through the backlog of 19.000 Crossy Road articles you did) so why not call out what is something that really shouldn't even be on the shelves in its current form that is AO tennis? If anything, to save readers some money.

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