What Are You Playing This Weekend?

The weekend offers plenty of opportunity to explore new roads. Especially ones you've been meaning to tread for quite some time.

Every now and again I'll see a game - usually as a result of doing This Week In Games each Monday - and I'll think, ooh, that looks unusual. I don't always end up playing them because other priorities get in the way, and sometimes you don't always get to play the games you want.

But I keep them on the list, with the hopes of returning when things quieten down. One such game I've been eyeing off since it came out this year is Football Game, a weird point-and-click adventure from the makers of A Date in the Park.

It's only an hour long game at most, maybe even 45 minutes. And it's got such a strange, unusual look: apparently there's a lot of inspiration from David Lynch, and even a bit of Silent Hill 2.

So I'll be doing that, and enjoying flogging the living snot out of everyone who keeps trying to play Bowser Jr. in Mario Tennis Aces. What are you playing this weekend?


    Xenoblade 2 - trying to finish it up before MH:W launches on PC

    if Ubisoft can sort out a billing issue im having with them i will hopefully be playing the Jack the Ripper DLC for AC Syndicate :)

    Continuing with Ys 8 this weekend, think I'm hitting the home stretch! If by 'home stretch' I mean 'the last 20 hours' :P.

    AC Origins. Just roaming the huge map doing all the side-quests and forts, ignoring the story. A testament to it's size that I'm 35hrs in and only 28% done (though I hope it's less than 100hrs once I refocus on the story missions). Just a typical Ubisoft game, nothing to see here...

    Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. Making my way through all the NES/SNES era Mario games (I'll probably end up doing Zelda series and other classics too). Inspired by an old Filthy Casuals podcast, I've been meaning to do this. Old Mario is so brilliant, it's amazing to re-experience how tightly creative and innovative the age of Nintendo was. Also poignantly nostalgic, harking back to hazy early memories I had, being three to eight years old when most of them were released, watching brothers or friends play them (most strong with Super Mario Bros. 2 funny enough).

    Doing a slow burn of Persona 5. 10hrs in, this one will see me through to next year. Might end up being my first true JRPG to play through, and might follow with FF7 in the future.

    Monument Valley 2 on Android. Feels a little empty compared with the first, but visually stunning.

      I feel like thats the best part of most modern AC games is the open world and just doing all the side stuff. ive spent like 30 hours in Syndicate just taking over london and seeing all the sights :)

    Blood Bowl 2 for the moment.

    Finished grinding spouses in Dynasty Warriors Next, so I'm having a bit of Sine More (stuck on a really hard bit at the moment involving lasers and rubbish).

    Still got Mirror's Edge Catalyst side missions and collectibles waiting for me too.

      Sine Mora!
      Such an underrated game.
      Couldn't help myself and bought it again on Switch.
      If you are playing on switch, I recommend using the original Hungarian voiceover.
      It's far superior to the english version.

        Ah, so it's Hungarian! I think it's the same on Vita, where I'm playing it. Sounds vaguely slavic to me. I thought it might have been made up :-P Good to know.

    Hyrule Warriors & Octopath Traveller for me! If I can get to play grown-up (i.e. non-switch) games then I think some Stellaris is on the cards.

    Probably a bit of FFXIV. Been playing for several months now and starting to feel the sides of it, but it's still holding me.

    Aside from that, I started Ys VIII on Switch now that the Japanese audio option is finally in and despite the utter shitshow that has been NISA's localization in general, that is a damn good game so far. I expect to spend some time on it for sure.

    Me and the Miss got Ark for the PS4 for some couch coop play, but it's reallly... bad. The coop experience, I mean. I couldn't recommend it. Issues such as
    - when naming a dinosaur, while the namer is inputting the name, the other player has NO CONTROL and if they were moving in a direction before the prompt came up, they will continue to uncontrollably move in that direction until the naming is done.
    - when either player wants to use the inventory, they have to pause the game, and select Inventory of the pause menu. This can be avoided if you open the inventory from something else, like a campfire or whathave you.
    - probably more the game's fault than the PS4's but it doesn't run very well when you have 2 game worlds rendered at once (in split screen play). Pretty bad frame rates is what I am saying.
    - tethering is a bitch. an issue with the game more than anything, but you can at least get around it on PC.

    anyway, we returned it and now I've managed to successfully set up a private dedicated server, so most likely, we gon' tame some dinosaurs this weekend!

    God of War. Sigrun. Once she dead, the Platinum is mine :3

    Well, it's going to be Football Game, now. That sounds amazing. I think I might be able to get through Shovel Knight if I have a few solid runs at it. Also, if I feel like strapping the PSVR to my face, I have been eyeing off The Inpatient for a while.

    I've been enjoying Bomber Crew on the PS4 in small doses so I might fill the World Cup gap that Le Tour just can't fill with some more of that - but then again I did pick up Hollow Knight on Switch...

    I just got a GTX 1080 Ti in the eBay 25% off sale, so I'll be playing whatever I can use to max that out on a 4K monitor. Any suggestions?

    That, and on the other end of the spectrum, Octopath Traveller which runs 720p even when docked.

    Octopath Traveller and Hollow Knight. Maybe Hand of Fate 2 as well

    Rime, some double gold Hearthstone quests and maybe a bit of Rocket League. They joys of being a patient gamer!

    Probably some Destiny, if I can be bothered getting the third faction to 50. Other than that, been getting back into Warframe this past week, since the Sacrifice came out recently. Haven't played in quite a while, so returning with renewed vigor and optimism to finding the last part I need for each of Octavia, Ash and Ember - got the last piece I need for Chroma last night, too.

    VR, more VR followed by even more VR and if i get some time i might jump into some VR

    Continuing with Detroit: Become Human. Really engrossed with this one & will definatley play through again.

    Unreal Engine 4.20 shipped, so most of my weekend will be checking out the new Action RPG sample game they put together for it and see if I can make a shooting gun out of it.

    It's touch/mobile so the assets aren't super fantastic, but it's a really good example on how to use the Ability system apparently :)

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