What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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Unsurprisingly, I'm not much of a driver. Most people in the industry don't drive, but unlike most I have a really strong penchant for driving games. And I've been playing around with Codemasters' F1 2016, which feels like a solid return to form.

Even though the idea's borrowed from Studio Liverpool's F1 game, I love what Codies has done with the practice sessions. You'll read more about that later today.

I'll also play a few more board games with my partner and maybe spend an hour or two rolling something that's not a support in Dota 2. I play support too much.

What are you playing this weekend?


    "Most people in the industry don’t drive" - wait, what?

      Yup. It's quite common for a lot of people in the local gaming scene to just travel via public transport (more media than devs though).

    Warriors Orochu 3 Ultimate has sucked me in a little, but I always have fun with Warriors right up until I instantly lose all motivation to play.

      That sounds exactly like me with the Yakuza and Dynasty Warriors games.

    My wife picked up Borderlands the Handsome Collection for Xbox One on sale a couple of months back and decided this week that's what she was in the mood for after finishing Doom so we ported our characters across from the Xbox 360 version of Borderlands 2 and gave it a whirl.

    We quickly discovered that despite having a slightly larger TV to play it on than we did when we last played in 2012, it's too damn annoying after spending a year playing Destiny together on separate TVs, so I went on a quest last night to procure the cheapest copy of the Handsome Collection I could find for my own use, which turned out to be a preowned copy from EB Games with a blank case for the mere pittance of $32 (as opposed to $69 new).

    So I'll probably, if I find time to play anything, being revisiting Borderlands. We've decided to replay it together before moving onto the Pre-Sequel, since BL2 had a lot of DLC we never got around to that's all just bundled on the Handsome Collection disc now.

      Pretty sure its on sale digitally.

      EDIT: must of been last week.

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    For the first time in my life I'm actually getting into fighting games.

    As a kid i had SF2 etc, but my brothers wouldn't play me once I could whoop them, so the competition never pushed me. That was repeated with tekken, doa, etc.

    The rise of net play helped, but by then every established series was an overwhelming behemoth of gameplay elements, movesets, and match ups.

    I got pokken a few months ago and getting in on the ground floor with a series really helped to break down some walls. I've had a lot of fun with that.

    But this weekend I'll be hitting up Injustice. I've just played through the story and it was quite fun, if a little more involved than pokken. Now i wamt to hit up the other modes and take the fight online.

    I'm coming to bug you about playing F1 2016 without me, you sonuva....

    Currently about 1/3 of the way through Fire Emblem Fates Revelation and breeding up my super children.

    Just got to finish my Nightmare run on Skylanders Trap Team to get the platinum trophy for that.

    Still throwing up whether to get a few more trophies in Persona 4 Arena or just leave it and play something like ICO.

      Im still breeding my super children in Birthright! How did you get through them so fast?? I finally bit the bullet and allowed that douce Takumi to have a wife.

        I put about 70 hours into Birthright, 47 hours into Conquest and am at about 25 hours in Revelation so far. I didn't do optimal breeding in Birthright, but I did follow recommendations in Conquest. I didn't grind for inheritable skills though. I'm doing that in Revelation. I tend to play about 2 hours per day minimum.

        LOL, I just paired Takumi with Azura in Revelation. His whole excuse for being an arsehole to Azura comes out!

    Some CS:GO and Crossy Road in the downtime. lol

    On a side note, I haven't played an F1 game since F1 2001 on the PS2. Yup. I even thought the graphics for that game was photorealistic back then.

      My first i think was called Nigel Mansells World Championship on the NES.

    I'm going to give the Elder Scrolls Card game a go.

      wrong post

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        I thought the author was asking ... What are you playing this weekend? The ES game is open beta now so that's what I will be playing.

    Started on The Witcher 3 expansions last week, will probably finish Hearts of Stone in the weekend then onto Blood and Wine!

    Hearts of Stone has been very good so far.

    I'll be playing some more gw2. The latest content has been refreshing after such a drought and has sucked me back in.

    I've reached Expert level on Rocket League and it has coincided with me actually reaching a new level of proficiency and thus making the game even more fun once again. I think it's my favourite game of all time. Atm I'm just playing solo in Ranked Doubles trying to climb the ladder.

    I haven't played Overwatch in a few weeks now so maybe that too, or more likely I'll look to continue on with Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition (after finishing the standard version only a couple weeks ago).

    Ohhh and I said I'd hop back in to GTA V with my pal to try out some of those crazy races.

    I recently started playing Overwatch again, but usually only with friends. Gonna do some more Monster Huntering if I can fit that in and some Warframe on the side as some friends started playing again and I'm renovating the dojo.

    GPU is still being RMA'd (currently being "tested" - fingers crossed) so back to the consoles this weekend. I want to finish Rise of the Tomb Raider but am actually really enjoying all the side content, so we'll see if I get through it.

    Need to clear the palate before No Man's Sky!

    In my colony of 'F***burg', life is like a hurricane.....

    I'd love to be smashing into Hamilton with Rosberg in F1 2016, but it's not out until the 19th for us Normal folk :(

    Mad Max. I'm having a really great time with this game.

    So much so, I won't ever trust a review by Chris Suellentrop again.

    As games go, Mad Max is ... uncomplicated. I need some uncomplicated in my life right now.

      Yeah despite being super generic in its design I found Mad Max to be really fun. The car combat is really well done.

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    Might play a bit of the Forza Motorsport 6: Apex Beta on my PC, unfortunately i cannot get it to work to well with my steam link and controller for some lounge playing (laggy).

    I shall be Watching Over and or Firing Emblems, depending on time constraints this weekend.

    Won't have much time for videogames as I'll be attending ConVic for some WarmaHordes Iron Gauntlet. What sucks is that because my community sucks I've had no experience with the new MK3 rules, so I'm kinda going in blind.

    Playing though heart gold to prep for sun and moon

    I'll be playing Rimworld I think. This game has really sucked me in.

    RIP my kitty who was killed by a timber wolf. At least she became a nice hat.

    Grinding Overwatch summer games loot boxes, on the upside I just hit 101 last night, so at least the first 20 or so are cheap

      Nice! Currently sitting at 71 and unsure if I can hit that magical number before the end of the games. *puts on gaming gloves*

    Honestly Alex, you could probably drive better than 90% of the people on the road these days.

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