Community Review: Metal Gear Survive

If you were brave enough to bare the cyclone fences and zombie hordes of Metal Gear Survive, I'd love to hear about it.

I've wisely stayed away from Konami's attempt to continue the Metal Gear name. That's because poor Heather has been dealing with that nightmare by herself, and having not heard much in the way of positivity, or fun, I figured my time was best spent elsewhere.

The plot alone is a bit of a red flag, really. You've got a story where mercs are sucked into a wormhole (??) and deposited into an alternate dimension with zombies filled with nanotech (OK). It's then onto you to build a little fortress amongst this nightmare, crafting weapons and venturing into frequent sandstorms to save other lost souls before finding a way home.

The general loop involves venturing into the wasteland, finding resources and balancing the various survival mechanics (hunger and thirst particularly). Some of the mechanics in isolation seem pretty cool, and it'd be good to see those used in other settings.


The grind seems incredibly excessive. The stinginess with the stamina is frustrating to watch, let alone spend any length of time with. And hate to tell you Konami, but you kind of missed the boat on zombies. Zombies and robots also don't hold a candle to one of the best aspects of Metal Gear games: how insane and unique all the characters were.

Plus, attaching microtransactions to save slots is incredibly cheap.

What about yourselves, though? Who bit the bullet on Metal Gear Survive - and what did you think?


    Plus, attaching microtransactions to save slots is incredibly cheap.

    That alone has put me off the game. I don't mind microtransactions in general, I think they have a place, but to tie a gamesave slot to those, at about $10 ($1 for 100 coins, it costs 1000 coins for a slot), is so far beyond the line in the sand that its laughable.

    It kills any chance of experimentation and variety for the vast majority of players and in the end is nothing more than a money grab.

    If you were brave enough to bare the cyclone fences...

    I'd bare my cyclone fence for you, Alex :-P

    Honestly, I can't help but think it would have been better to either throw this on as an expansion to Phantom Pain or spent a little extra turning it in to a "new" IP

    Kojimas startling insight in to the world and the crazy way in which he portrayed it will be extremely hard to recreate without him, he is quite literally the poster child for the line between crazy and genius.
    (I wouldn't be surprised if they actually went crawling back to hire KP in the future, the surprise would be if they could actually swallow their pride to do so)

    The premise is fine, sucked through a wormhole into another dimension where nanomachines have ravaged the world. Where survivors and objects are randomly sucked up and dropped on occasion. It's not like the metal gear series has had nanomachines doing weird things before. Or you know parasites that are activated by spoken language. The story is pretty much fortnite.
    The Hunger/Thirst balance needs to be retweeked for sure.
    That is probably my main issue with the game.
    Oh and Base Building controls on the PC version.

    But early game when you first start venturing into the Dust was fantastic gameplay.
    Finding and building my first pistol, Only having enough gunpowder for 7 bullets.
    Defending the first portal with nothing but a basic spear and a chain link fence.
    Just Perfect.

    Would've loved it if there was more base building to be done, If you could build towers that would push the dust back further. Reclaim some buildings and farming space that you would then have to defend.
    For them to have used MUCH more of the Afghanistan and Africa Maps, I know they straight up just used assets from MGS V but with such a large and open world it was so empty in the base game. Something like using the digger to destroy a blocked up tunnel or mountain pass to open up a new area.

    Charging for an extra save slot for this game, Really not that big a deal.
    They seem to hand out those SV coins as daily bonuses or whenever a patch comes out.
    I really cant see needing multiple save slots.
    Charging it for extra Away teams however is a bit annoying.

      Completely agree with the control issues in build mode. Not sure how it passed internal testing....

      The base building does need a lot more expanding. The patch yesterday gave you more tents to use and tweaked the building limit costs so that's nice.

      The expedition slots costing sv coins is stupid but understandable. Game can be completed without it so not a game breaker.
      The game breaker is the always online issue. Now I understand why it's done, other than DRM, is the daily/weekly challenges and the base defence timers. The horrible bit is if you loose connection you are immediately returned to the main menu, no connection retrying, nothing. So when you have a base defence starting and the konomi servers have a hiccup you get returned to the menu to quickly relaunch to find your base gone and the defence failed because you had set up your base to defend yourself....
      Happened once already. Almost permanently quit. But I've been having too much fun to quit now.
      Plus rebuilding isn't too hard.

    The only good thing in the game was the hidden message from the devs saying "Kojima Productions Forever"

    RIP Metal gear.

    This game would have had no where near the reaction it did if they had not included "Metal Gear" in the title. Because the only reason they used "Metal Gear" is to trick people into buying it. Konami is going to milk metal gear dry.

    After about 4 or so days and 25ish hours of gameplay, I chucked this game like Raiden's dogtags. After a very awkward opening period, where I spent most of my time starving, thirsty and vomiting constantly (in-game too) I managed to find my sea legs and settled into a basic and somewhat enjoyable loop of venturing into the Dust, finding resources, activating transporters, rescuing castaways and finally heading back to base for some upgrades.

    Then I reached the Africa map!

    The difficulty ramped right up, with enemies that can jump and fly kick you and others that can fire 'machine guns' and grenades at you. Due to a severe lack of resources I had pretty much no feesible way to fight back, little ammo, no explosive weapons apart from the 6 grenades I could hold at one time. I only managed to make any progress to "The Giant" by finding a Walker Gear and just legging it to the objective.

    The worst part too about coming to the africa map is the base building just peaced out, all I had was the workbenches, all that work I did on the base GONE, my farms GONE, my water recources GONE, all those people I rescued GONE.

    The final straw was when I tried to extract The Giant, up until this point the 'tower defense' missions had either been at most 3 minues or 3 waves of 3:30 minutes. This one? 15 MINUTES AND 30 SECONDS, with enemies out numbering and out gunning me despite the fact my character was at level 27 and I'd maxed out the main stats.

    It was at this point I'd had enough, I uninstalled the game and never plan to touch it again. What really pisses me off was that I was actually didn't mind the grind and I caught myself actually having fun, then the fun was ripped out from under me. Thanks again Konami!

      Wow. You give up far too easily. After a bit more you have access to move between the two areas.
      The game is still a stealth game at heart. I have been using a bow all game now. And using the crystals to distract and backstab walkers, bombers and trackers to sneak past.
      If you need better gear and resources give co-op a whirl.

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