Deviljho Is Ready To Eat Your Face In Monster Hunter World

Image: Capcom

Last week we reported that Monster Hunter World's first major update was coming on March 22. That's today. Now Deviljho is here and it's hungry.

As previously reported, the update contains a number of weapon balances and tweaks to the game. Allies can no longer interrupt your carving animation and post-hunt carving animations can't be interrupted at all. Not even by explosions.

Deviljho has entered the world as well, forcing its way into high rank expeditions and 6 or 7 star quests like a bad dinner guest.

You can read the full details of the update on the Monster Hunter blog.


    He seems nerfed to shit compared to older games, super easy to kill. Really hoping G Rank will come eventually, the whole game seems tuned to be way too easy for western audiences

      Kind of have to agree with you here. My brother mentioned something that might have rang true though; The gear you've probably got equipped is beyond what sort of damage Jho can put out at the moment.

      His movement pattern is also a great deal more predictable and his breath is nowhere near as dangerous not screen encompassingly large as it has been in the past.

        Yeah I also decided it was likely due to the gear, I've solo'ed him 5 times with a bow and he hasn't been near carting me once.
        You're also right about his size, he used to tower, you'd only see his kankles as he stomped you but he's only a little larger than an Anjinath now.

        Last edited 22/03/18 9:30 pm

        Well a rank 6-7 anything shouldn't be much of a hassle for most at this stage.

        I think the issue is the game is lacking some of the more unpredictable and aggressive beasties that past titles would throw in to trip you up.
        I always remember that by a certain point it didn't matter how much HP a monster had or how hard it was hitting, once you knew them it would always end up one sided, but there was always a few that demanded a little more caution in dealing with their attacks.

        I can say that I wouldn't be too thrilled if Barioth decided to show up at this stage, that sabre toothed prick was a pain in the arse for me.

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