Monster Hunter: World’s New Beast Utterly Destroys Other Monsters

Monster Hunter: World’s New Beast Utterly Destroys Other Monsters

Monster Hunter: World‘s latest update brings back a series favourite monster: the massive, multi-toothed Deviljho. This pickle-shaped T-rex beast is one of the game’s most dangerous beasts and proves it by kicking the arse of every single monster it crosses paths with.

Deviljho is a massive brute wyvern that was introduced in Monster Hunter 3 that’s become something of a fan favourite. The hype for Deviljho’s appearance in Monster Hunter: World was through the roof, as hunters prepared for a beast that could challenge them more than the massive horned Diablos or the raging elder dragon Nergigante.

The good news is that Deviljho’s finally here. The bad news is that he is systematically body slamming the entirety of the New World’s ecosystem.

While in the field in Monster Hunter: World creatures can engage in a turf war where they violently duke it out. In many cases, such as when the fire breathing Anjanath chomps down on the wobbly Great Jagras.

Turf wars with Deviljho aren’t just a beating: they’re some kind of Fist of the North Star “You are already dead” stuff.

Here’s Deviljho chomping on the adorable Kulu-Ya-Ku. It’s pretty rough. This was spotted by Reddit user ladyphlemego.

Monster Hunter: World’s New Beast Utterly Destroys Other Monsters

That’s easy prey! What about the skinless meat dog Odagoron? This comes courtesy of Reddit user Dragon_KC.


Holy crap, that was horrifying. Those were low tier monsters though. What about the dreaded Diablos? That monster was so terrifying that my coworker Kirk Hamilton wrote about how it almost broke him like a wimpy twig.

These come from users minjuleex and Lavernaa.


Let that be your warning fellow hunters. Don’t expect good ol “Pickle Joe” to go down easy. Group up, use your best armour, and if a turf war starts maybe try to stay out of the way.

I’m assembling a hunter party tonight and hope to bring news from the front following a successful victory. Or maybe he’ll just body slam me too. We’ll see.


  • Can anyone confirm that monster AI was tuned up?

    Nerg was a little tougher to fight last night, he seemed much more unpredictable and started to focus on attacks that would actually hit me.

    Made things a little bit more fun.

    • Really? To me he’s still the same. 2 or 3 mini swipes at you then do some sort of body or head slam. I killed him in the Challenge Arena quests at the gathering hub just the same way I usually do.

      • That’s why I was curious, first fime same as always but the second time he switched up and was definetly chaining his attacks better too.
        (Maybe I just enraged him more than usual)

        • I think (?) the elders have got a bit harder. Or I’m getting too casual in my approach. Deviljho definitely sits as a pre-elder target, especially considering the gear crafted from it (all high elder seal stuff to help with the elders).

  • He body slammed the thing with his mouth!
    This Deviljho is bad ass!
    I’ve never played a monster hunter game before but I’d say I’m a pretty decent gamer. Should I pick up World? What’s the learning curve like etc.

    • I haven’t played either but I’ll answer from what I’ve read.

      It’s supposed to be a fantastic game based on reviews and consensus, but it has a very steep steep learning curve if you’ve never played the predecessors. It has coop if that’s what you’re after, and could help with the difficulty, but single player is fine. It’s available on XOne, PS4 and PC (first time on PC and maybe (?) a M’soft console).

    • As someone who played World without playing any of the others first, I can tell you that the learning curve isn’t steep at all. It’s fairly smooth until you reach the final zone. But be warned, that final zone will tear you to pieces if you go in expecting it to be like all the other areas.

  • Is this game worth playing or is it too repetitive?

    I am about to pick a ps4 up and I was weighing this game or possibly horizon as the main game to play.

    • I’d recommend. I was of the fence too but it’s quite addictive. If I find it repetitive, I change to a new weapon, and it’s like a fresh game (there’s 14 weapons). I’ve definitely got my money’s worth out of it.

      Having said that horizon is awesome, but completely single player (which I like).

  • I really love the way the introductory quest reveals him. When you’re introduced to the Great Girros, it’s shown eating another monster whole so you know it’s serious business. Deviljho is introduced by trying to do that to a Great Girros.

    Also I’m convinced it threw a Tobi-Kadachi *at* me at one point when I was fighting it.

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