What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?
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The weekend is coming up and I need to squish some bugs. Into The Breach should scratch that itch quite nicely, so I’m going to spend countless hours reversing time until I can save the world.

I’m a sucker for roguelikes and I’m a particular sucker for roguelikes that let you reset with reckless abandon.

Into The Breach goes one step further and incorporates the reset function into the plot. Your team of mech pilots are time-travelers, constantly looping back in time to try and get things right. It’s a neat nod to the way players tackle the game.

Plus it’s a hugely satisfying combat puzzle where you get to shove enemies around the map, often so that they attack each other.

How about you, what are you playing this weekend?


  • I reinstalled World of Warcraft after not playing for years, so I shall be exploring whats new since Cataclysm. Maybe a bit of TF2, though that depends on how many hackers show up to each match as it’s getting pretty unplayable at some times of the day lately. : /

    • It’s funny how after all these years it still has that pull. I recently installed it again too, even bought the next expac, except this time I played it pretty solidly for a couple weeks, got flying in the new area, then it got a bit the same once I felt like I had to start raiding again.

      • Yeah, it gets to a point where, if you want better gear, you have to do group content. Mythic + being available for smaller groups is good though, and easier to get into than raiding. I really enjoy the class campaigns in Legion, so I’m trying to get them and the Mage Tower challenges done before BfA.

      • Me: Hi everyone. My name is Badge.
        Everyone: Hi Badge
        Me: I’m a WoW addict. It’s been 6 years since my last raid.
        Everyone: Well done Badge.

  • Still plodding away through Bloodborne. Didn’t get much time to play this week, so looking forward to exploring the paths I skipped over.

    • Yeah i’m playing that too.
      Well that and Breath of the Wild, and actually BOTW is tipping the scales in its favour at the mo, so most likely it.
      I fear returning to bloodbourne after a couple of weeks off and forgetting paths and enemy attack patterns actually

      • I tried playing it back when it released, and didn’t get very far. Returning a couple of weeks ago, tho, I remembered a lot more than I realised – the first boss fight was rough this time around, but after that I slammed through everything I’d done in my original attempt in about a quarter of the time it took me last time.

        You’ll be fine 🙂

        • True, at lot of the first hour or two at least (only about 4 hours into it) is figuring out the systems and how they work. cheers, will defo get back to it, probably not for a couple more weeks though.
          In the mean time, just beat the first of the divine beast bosses in BOTW over the weekend, man they are EASY after BB and DS bosses, lol hahaha

  • Will try to finish off >Observor_. What a gem of game. Also a bit of Farpoint if my stomach is up for it, still getting my VR legs.

  • Well I failed to beat Cleric Beast in Bloodborne last weekend. So this weekend definitely. Aftrr that I will switch to Ratchet and Clank.

  • I’ll be jumping into the Tera PS4 beta and hopefully be able to last more than 10 seconds before the client crashes or freezes. That’s only for a day and a bit though so some SO4 HD will fill the gaps.

  • probably some PUBG with blokes from work, some rocket league and just picked up Vermintide for $7.50 off steam and will give that a crack too.

  • Rogue Galaxy on PS4. Bought the PS2 version back in the day (2007?), played 10 hours, put it down and never picked it up again. Bought the PS4 version when it was released and never even started it. So I’m hoping to finish a game I first started over 10 years ago, and going for platinum.

    One game down in the backlog…

  • Hopefully finish insanity run on Mass Effect Andromeda. My Ryder is a girly-man who looks exactly like his twin sister (or as much as I could make him) and always makes casual/emotional decisions. He wants to fuck Cora, Avela and Reyes.

    Dynasty Warriors Next – on conquest mode at the moment, having finished the campaign. It’s alright!

  • Trying to juggle Elite Dangerous with friends, a Skyrim play-through (got distracted, wandering around Tamriel exploring – again), more Original Sin 2, and some Real Life (this is the hardest game ever).

    Throw in Traveller, D&D and Cthulhu campaigns and somehow the weekends never seem long enough.

    • Elite Dangerous, Really? Is the new update good? On a scale of WOW to Dwarf Fortress how much of a grind is it still? Real answers only Please! I Wanna feel like Matthew McConaughey flying through the wormhole in Interstellar again. I stopped playing because i felt like i was orbiting Gargantua.

      • The new update is good. It’s still a bit of a grindfest, but they’ve made engineering a bit more even (not more accessible – it’s still a lot of work – but trading down for mats is incredibly useful). There are a lot more ways to make $$$ and rep, and you can tailor your rewards depending on what you’re trying to achieve. The new ships are pretty good, with a lot more scheduled over the next year, and the Thargoid story line is progressing well.

        Wing missions are good. Squadron missions (coming soon!) promise to be pretty frantic.

        It hasn’t hooked me like WoW did (hopefully nothing ever will again) but it is a fun place to spend some time in.

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