What's Your Favourite Track From A Video Game?

After completely loathing it the first time around, I've spent an awful amount of time this week listening to Florence + The Machine's cover of Stand By Me.

Video games have a long and very proud association with music, either through creating their own masterpieces or excellent adaptations of their own.

It's funny how some songs connects with us, and others don't. For years - literally years - I had Little Girl, Gen from the Child of Light soundtrack on every playlist I had. It was the song I played on planes to help me sleep (or try to sleep). I can't tell you why it works for me so much.

Other tracks that come to mind, for various reasons:

• The Need for Speed Underground soundtrack. Even though they're all licensed songs, the song selection was perfect for the NFSU games. I still have Static-X as my ringtone, funnily enough. (The opening few seconds of The Only, if you must know.)

• Some of the music in oldschool platformers really made the game. DuckTales comes to mind, as does The Lion King:

• Speaking of licensed music, you can't not mention GTA: Vice City. Luke makes a great case why.

• More recently, Hotline Miami.

What's your favourite song or track from a video game?


    pretty much anything from world of Warcraft or Final Fantasy 8. But especially these 2

    Shuffle or Boogie (Tripple Triad Card Game music)

    Northrend Transport (on the boat taking you to Northrend)

    Both of these tracks elicit different emotions for me. the first one is so bubbly and fun it just makes me smile and laugh. the second one is mournful and full of soul. it can actually bring me to tears when i listen to it.

      FF8 is still probably my favorite game in the series for music. Except for maybe FFXIV but that's kind of cheating since it gets a whole new soundtrack of great songs with every expansion.

    Apotheosis from Journey. Such an uplifting track dropped just at the right moment in the game

    Poets of the Fall - Late Goodbye, from the end of Max Payne 2.

      Heh I discovered Poets thru exactly this. Also, its played on a henchman on a piano whilst you wait planning his death on a balcony outside.

      As a long time PoTF fan, I second this...
      Plus anything from Alan Wake by "Old Gods of Asgard"... because, well PoTF :P

      Yep, Poets of The Fall, all the way. Went from "Man, this song in Max Payne is kinda cool" to easily my favourite band of all time.

    FFVII is always in my head.

    But every so often I start humming Bubble Bobble outta nowhere.
    (including the speed up when the ghost appears)

    I wasn't aware of the Stand by Me cover by Florence so thanks for that!

    Lately I've been listening to various versions of Ballad of the Goddess from Skyward Sword.

    All of the DOOM 2016 soundtrack. It's just so very good.

    Theme of Laura from Silent Hill 2
    Pillar of Autumn from Halo
    The theme music from R-Type

    Katamari on the Swing.

    I could say some songs from Persona 5, FF10, The Neverhood, all of which I adore, but the more I listen to those the less I want to listen to them.

    I can always listen to Katamari on the Swing.

    Probably mentioned this before but the vast majority of the Persona 5 soundtrack is excellent. Life will change being my favourite of the bunch.

    Other contenders are:
    You are not alone - FF9
    Terran 2 - Starcraft 2
    Spicy Inkantation - Splatoon 2
    Wind scene (600AD) - Chronotrigger
    Ballad of the goddess - TLoZ Skyward sword
    The Path (A New beginning) - The last of us.

    I'll post links when I get home but I'm on the mobile at the moment. There are more as well but those come to mind.

    The soundtrack to Max Payne 3, by Health. Especially Tears. It plays during the airport shootout.

    The whole of Nier Automata OST.

      Weight of the World may be the best song to ever play over the credits of a video game, and I say that as a huge fan of Still Alive from Mirror's Edge.

        I raise you The Best is Yet to Come from Metal Gear Solid. The TRUE greatest credit song.

    Almost any hymmnos song from the Ar Tonelico series but espeically these two:
    Arphage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFdRhJpUKt0
    Chronicle Key: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1GtMiKXE_E
    If there's ONE thing this series of underrated and wonderful JRPGs does better than anything else, it's the vocal tracks. amazing music that has a strong impact and resonance in the story itself
    There's a reason every time one of these games come out there's always at least two separate soundtrack releases dedicated entirely to the vocal tracks.

    The original midi Monkey Island theme. Now and forever.

    Also the main theme from Super Mario Bros (the SNES version) comes a close second.

    Mirror's Edge - Still Alive
    Bloodborne - pretty much anything, but the main menu music is awesome
    Dynasty Warriors Next - those guitars take flight!

    Power by Kanye
    When you skydive and land in a skyscraper penthouse pool, get out and confront strippers with guns in Saints Row 3.

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    What are we talking here? Just any music, or licensed tracks? That's a pretty huge question if the former.

    Nihon Falcom has some amazing soundtracks, right back into the early 80s. Ys in particular has some of the best boss battle music out there, but the Trails games have some moments too. I don't think they've ever made a game that didn't have a great soundtrack, it's their one constant. Even obscure old shooters like Star Trader. The opening music for that game is epic.

    Gust's sound team are excellent as well, especially the Ar Tonelico stuff, but some of the Atelier games nail it too. Obviously the classic FF games stand out. Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross are excellent. Xenoblade had some great pieces. Nier had an excellent soundtrack. The stuff that Hideki Naganuma did for the Jet Set Radio games is fantastic, not so much the rest of it. Bravely Default's music is absolutely stunning, I was really disappointed that they didn't get Revo back for the sequel.

    I'm a massive fan of the soundtracks for both the Mirror's Edge games, though I can't stand the games themselves. Back in the day I used to really enjoy throwing on the Redbook Audio from the SegaCD version of Ecco the Dolphin for some relaxing stuff, or from the CDs for Descent II or Quake II when rage was more appropriate. I also have very fond memories of the music from Command & Conquer and Red Alert.

    Transformers: Fall of Cybertron had epic music that kicked in at just the right time, and there were a LOT of right times.
    Baljhet Mountains - Castlevania: Curse of Darkness
    Red Dead Redemption when you're entering Mexico for the first time
    I upvoted @energydrinkhigh for saying it first: The original midi version of Monkey Island

      Red Dead Redemption's music is very special - it's actually dynamic, rising and falling and adding different instruments and stuff depending on what's happening in your game. A recording doesn't do it justice IMO.

    Any of Marty O'Donnell's compositions, from Halo CE right up to Music of the Spheres. In a completely different direction, Rip and Tear from DOOM 2016 is up there, too - along with most of DOOM 2016's tracks... there are a few on the OST that I don't particularly care for - too synthy or too much talking - but the rest are superb.

    Recently it's probably "In Memory Of Mercedes Romero" from Stellaris, both for the track itself and for the fact that its referencing a character from their first stream

    Overall though, its probably the theme from International Karate+

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