Fortnite Skins, Ranked

Fortnite Skins, Ranked

Fortnite may be a battle royale game, but at times, it can also be a fashion show. Players judge you based on what you wear, just like most people do in real life.

Some skins are taken as proof that you suck at the game. Other skins might make you look like a jokester. And of course, some skins are definitely better than others.

Here is our official Fortnite skin ranking, from worst to best.

26. Default Skin

25. Twitch Prime skins (any)

24. Dominator

23. Arctic Assassin

22. Black Knight

21. John Wick

20. Shadow Ops

19. Snorkel Ops

18. Circuit Breaker

17. Power Chord

16. Love Ranger

15. Burnout

14. Cuddle Team Leader

13. Dark Voyager

12. Skull Trooper

11. Easter skins (any)

10. Merry Marauder

9. Crackshot

8. Battle Hound

7. Raven

6. Funk Ops

5. Wukong

4. Rust Lord

3. Mission Specialist / Moon Walker

2. Rex

1. Default Skin


  • I find that if a game is designed with a female protagonist, then it doesn’t even register (ie: RoTTR, H:ZD).. but when it’s just a blank slate character with no story etc, then I like to play as a male (although I mix up race regularly).

    So yeah, I ended up picking as simple a skin as possible (one of the 800 vbucks ones) so I could play as a dude.

    Was almost tempted to get one of the expensive ones, but I figured I’d get bored of them. Whereas as one most like the blank slate would last for the long haul (and has so far).

    Also, I felt like picking an expensive skin and not performing well (I’m still a cruddy builder) would make me look like a cretin.

    Apart from restrictive vbuck price tiers, I respect Fortnites business model. Especially compared to Blizzard whO charge full price for a multiplayer-only game, then throw in lootboxes instead of allowing users to choose the cosmetics they want.

    Still can’t believe the free pass some people give that games monetisation strategy.

  • Also Raven is obviously the best premium skin 🙂

    And the female skins are better for the cheap (800 vbucks) skins.

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