It'll Cost You $100 For Those Mario Kart Rides In Melbourne

If the prospect of dressing up like Luigi and being flipped off by drivers around Melbourne for an hour or two sounds like fun, you can now pay for the experience.

Mushroom Racing was advertised as "go karting with a twist". In other words: Mario Kart-themed go karting, but in real life and without the hassle of blue shells.

The company announced it would be coming to Sydney and Melbourne later this year, and recently a listing opened up on Eventbrite for Mushroom Racing events in Melbourne. Each ticket will set you back just over $100, and offers a minimum of 20 laps with a "mushroom style burger", costume hire, a "DJ & after party" and a cash prize of $1000 or more, although the organisers stress that "this is not a street race".

Tickets are available for sessions on May 27, June 17, June 24, July 1 and July 8 at this stage. The winners and runners up from each race slot will get an invite to a finals of some sort, due to be held on July 15.

There's a video available on the official website as well, showing a bunch of people dressed up as various Mario characters. It also advertises the event as a tournament, although doesn't offer any more detail.

He seems like he's having fun.

For more info, head to the Eventbrite listing here.


    "...organisers stress that "this is not a street race"."

    " and runners up from each race slot will get an invite to a finals of some sort"


    Ok, reading between the lines on their website, it certainly appears that they collect you from the CBD before presumably taking you to a secluded go-kart track to actually race. This isn't the same as the Japanese thing (which from what I understand is more of a go-kart convoy on public roads than a race.)

    So... I guess at least there's little to no chance of being flipped off by Melbourne drivers?

    Last edited 17/04/18 9:30 am

      I mean, you could get flipped off along the way if they saw you in costumes.

      The Japanese thing is absolutely not a race, it's a tour of the city by go-cart and you're driving on the road, obeying the road laws, speed limits and signs. You need a valid driver's license and an international driving permit to do it.

      It's quite fun though.

    Their video shows copyright-infringing costumes, but the customers will be wearing mushroom-style burger costumes?

    They don't have the licensing to be legitimate, they're not offering what they're showing, and the reality is incredibly lame.

    Low effort cash grab.

      I think you misread the post:

      with a "mushroom style burger", costume hire, a "DJ & after party" and a cash prize of $1000 or more

      See the comma after "mushroom style burger"? It's not saying it's a "mushroom style burger costume", it's saying you get a "mushroom style burger", and a costume.

      It's made a little clearer if you visit the eventbrite page as it has stuff listed in point form:

      Tickets include:

      - Costume hire (Charactors)
      - Snack (Mushroom style burger)
      - CBD pick up and drop off
      - 20 laps minimum
      - DJ & After party
      - Games room activities and more

      You're right that they are not affiliated with Nintendo but that doesn't mean they can't give you a Mario costume to wear at the event.

    It works in Japan where people are respectful of others, their vehicles and the road rules. But stuff getting in one on Aussie roads. It'll only take one knob running late for his next job for you have a very bad time.

      There's also a surprisingly little amount of traffic for how dense the population is in Japan. In Australia you'd be stuck behind traffic for half the time when you're not breathing in delicious exhaust.

        I'm guessing the density helps them to have a good public transportation system and make walking more practical, rather than our urban/suburban sprawl where driving is sometimes the only real practical option.

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