Those Mario Kart Races Are Coming To Sydney In September

Image: Youtube

If you've looked at Melbourne with jealousy because they get to dress up like Mario and Luigi and zip around a track in some go-karts for a while, don't stress Sydney - your turn is coming.

Pre-release tickets for Mushroom Racing in Sydney went live this morning, with available dates at this stage on September 16/30, October 14, November 4 and 11. A single ticket will cost you just over $100, and the whole experience includes up to 20 laps.

You'll be picked up from Sydney CBD if you do choose to go, with tickets including costume hire, games room activities "and more". It'll be on a customised go-kart track, although the location is unknown at the time of writing.

For more information - and to grab some tickets for the Melbourne races, if you're interested - head to the official Mushroom Racing website.


    ...don't stress Sydney - your turn is coming.If you're anywhere else, you know what they say. "Sucks to be you."

    "Secret Location" = nowhere anyone actually wants to do this.

    Last edited 08/06/18 10:56 am

    I spotted a few of these "tours" when i was last in Japan, the purest of cringe.

    It only operates during the day time doesn't it? as Sydney dwellers aren't allowed out after dark.

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